Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey, It's Up!

Hi Knitters,
I added this part on Tuesday due to some difficulties we encountered with the links and the itunes account.

However, my first podcast episode is up and sort of running! 

It is not available on itunes yet. We had a little snafu so we will be working on it. I will send out a new post when we get it fixed. My computer technician has a band concert and homework tonight so we'll see when he gets a chance to help me. Homework has to come before podcasts, I guess.

The new link is here: Itty Bitty Podcast. You can listen to it through podbean for now. This is temporary until we get things settled on itunes. For the first episode I kept it very simple. I did a book review of one of my favorites from the not so far past. It took me a few minutes to warm up so be patient with me: )

I hope you enjoy the episode. My girls say the introduction and my oldest son composed the music and both of my sons helped get the podcast up and running. My husband did the dinner dishes and kitchen clean up so we could work on the podcast together last night.

Okay, have a good night.
best, susie