Monday, June 08, 2009


Hi Knitters,
I finished stitching, with a needle and thread, nine tiny crocheted flowers to the front neckline of my chartreuse cardigan. C'est fini! J'adore.
On to a small crafter's delight, The Collector is painting her gourd from the farmer's market into a colorful striped snake. She is using acrylic paints. I will seal it so we can put it out in the yard when she's done. I love how the stem looks like a hissing tongue. She is in heaven. Her friends think it looks like a potato in its natural state. I agree.

Oh, you have to try this. Go here. Answer a few multiple choice questions, quick clicks. Get results. I am a Shropshire, which means I've inherited grace, elegance and manners. Ooooh, I hope so and here is my button. I remember when Potter Craft had you find out what kind of yarn you were. I think I was mohair and I have no idea what that means. I'm hairy and I shed, maybe?

Clara's new book is a must have and I am dying to snag a signed copy at TNNA if she's signing. I'll stand in that line. The cover alone is a treat to look at. Fingers are crossed. 

Monday it is! Take off and run with it.
best, susie