Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Farmers' Fall


Hi, Knitters,

Just in! Go check out my friend Leanne's Owls on Dantes Etsy Shop!! Click here! Leanne gifted me one of her little owl tape measures and it is adorable! She was selling them left and right at the KnitEast retreat a couple of weeks ago and has now updated her Etsy Shop. The tape measure is cozy-ed up in sock yarn and made to look like a sweet little owl. They are so cute. Great gift idea, knitters!!! 

The winner of the Happy Again Kit from Little Skein (go check out this Etsy shop!) is.......

maashrink (rav id)! Here is the winning comment:

I. Am. In. Love..... Hopefully I will be so lucky. Thank you for this opportunity and exposure to such beautiful products!!
Rav Id- maashrink
October 11, 2013
Congratulations to Melanie! Thank you to everyone for entering, what a huge and great response. I have another giveaway coming up right away this week so keep your eyes out for that.

Last weekend we went to the Madison Farmers' Market and it was such a treat. By the way, I never can remember is it farmers plural, farmer's singular possessive, or farmers' plural possessive... it is farmers' on the website so that's what I'm going with. Farmers'.

I think fall may be the best time to go. Here's a quick pictorial run through of the beauty.

My buddy Jeanette from Sun Valley Fibers was there vending with her husband, George, and daughter. They were just kind of holding their booth spot for the season and had some of their gorgeous yarns out on the table. I was shuffling along in the crowd and glanced over and spotted the yarn on the table. Then my eyes slowly moved up to see who owned the yarn and there was Jeanette's smiling face looking right at me. It was funny.

Don't forget about the Sun Valley Fibers' Thaw Retreat, January 23-26, 2014! I am teaching two workshops at this event in Barneveld, Wisconsin. The fabulous Amy Detjen is teaching, too. I can't wait for this one, so close to home. Last time I checked there were still a few spots available. It is going to be so much fun! I hope to see you there.

The Capitol Dome

I can't get over how artistic the displays are in some of the booths.

 Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin serving up free samples of their warm grilled cheese. Crispy and gooey! They griddle tiny blocks of cheese and the lines are a mile long to get a piece.

 Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin's booth is always a crowd-pleaser.

$9 flower arrangements!

 Owls Cardigan and warm kettle corn straight from the kettle..... mmmmmm.

 So artistic!

 There were several yarn options at the market. I love that!

 Brat booth! Only in Wisconsin, ya hey!

 There was a brief downpour but the crowd didn't clear out. It was homecoming for the UW-Madison so there was an extra amount of red attire.

On our way out at the top of State Street we ran into a friendly one-man-band. We listened for a minute and my son (who came home from college for the weekend) and my husband could not stop laughing as we continued the walk. The reason? The one-man-band guy was singing a song filled with curse words and some racier content. Every time some questionable word came up he would honk his horn loudly instead of saying that word. They thought that was just hilarious. It was pretty funny hearing them sing the song with horn noises included on the way home.

Lastly, a few days ago I finished up a quick Fair Isle sock called, Solidago, a free pattern on Knitty.com by Mary Jane Mucklestone. Click here for the pattern!  I am going to make a bunch more of these in mix and match colors. I just think they are adorable and so fun and quick (4-inch cuff) to knit. Genius she is that Mary Jane! Mary Jane is in Shetland right now with Gudrun (go look at her photos!!!) and Ysolda. Go look at Mary Jane's blog photos, you won't be disappointed. Click here for Mary Jane's website!

Take care, Knitters! Thanks for always jumping in and having fun with me on the blog. I really appreciate each and every one of you. You all keep me going.
best, susie