Monday, December 13, 2010


Hi Knitters,
My Peachy is a true lover of the winter holiday season. She always has been the one to do the advent calendar and to conduct a running countdown to Christmas in various places in the house. Peachy isn't always a crafty one but when she saw a show where bread dough ornaments were made she latched onto the idea of making her own personalized ornaments.

The best part of this project, besides the fact that they are super-cute, is that Peachy did the entire project from start to finish on her own. Other than buying her some acrylic paints, cookie cutters, ribbon and glossy Mod Podge for finishing, I didn't do one single thing on this project. She even cleaned up the mess. She was on an ornament making mission and is very proud of her finished product.
Peachy made a list of recipients including friends, teachers and family. She kept a checklist of names as she worked. The photos I have are not all of the ornaments as she has already given some away. I think she made around 50 ornaments and it took her many, many hours. She would turn on some Christmas music to help set the scene while she worked. I love to see her so involved in gift making by hand. She was really swept away.

She wrote every person's name with a black Sharpie on each ornament which is a sweet touch. After the ornaments had completely dried Peachy brushed on a coat of glossy Mod Podge which gave them the perfect finish. She left the back of the ornaments plain but also gave the backs a coat of Mod Podge. This gives the ornaments a shiny protective coat.

Even the youngest of children could do much of this fun project on their own. Older kids can just take it and run on their own. It is so easy.

I posted a new free pattern on Spud says! this morning. If you are in need of a super quick and cute pattern for the holidays this is the ticket.

Have a great week, Knitters. We are covered in a big blanket of beautiful white snow and the sun is shining so bright. I especially love the snow-coated trees. It is a magical time.
best, susie