Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi Knitters,
Here are some quick updates for you. I am plugging away on the sleeves for the Camp Hoodie Knitalong. I've made some fun and simple modifications to the original. I switched out the fair isle pattern, took out the waist shaping, took off the hood and now I am adding sleeves that are picked up and knit down in the round. I think it is so fun to explore how much you can change a simple pattern and make it your own through a few easy modifications. It's turning out pretty cute!

For more information on the knitalong (you can still join in anytime, we just got started and many haven't started yet) or to follow along please jump over to my other blog, Spud says! (click here).
I finished the Baktus shawl out of the Zauberball. Love it! Google away or look it up on Ravelry for the yarn and free pattern.
I've already worn it quite a bit.
I added a knit through the back loop on my yarn overs because I like the lacy edging and it was easier to keep track of what row I was on for the increases and decreases with the hole in the edge.
It's always a thrill to have a new knitted piece to wear.
I spun up this gigantic hank of Sunshine Yarns roving in the colorway called, Winter Song. It is the bounciest hank of yumminess ever. This hank is 8 oz. and really, it is big!
I am making everyone in my house hold my huge Winter Song hank of handspun. They all love it and rub it on their cheeks. My husband and TC both carried it like a baby in the crook of their arms at separate times. Gotta love those two.

You know for the spinning I am getting better at being more even at times but what I really love about my handpun yarn is the crazy stuff. The fluffy bits and pieces that aren't so uniform and the plying that is incredibly imperfect. If I wanted perfect yarn I would just buy it. This yarn has character and silliness and that's what I love the most about it. I hope I don't ever lose that in the spinning, like become too good at it so the yarn is perfect. That's how I feel about it now. I have always had a fondness for the imperfections of handmade things because they are deeply endearing.

Have a beautiful Sunday.
best, susie