Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Never Gets Old

Hi Knitters,
You'd think this knitting thing would get old after awhile. It has been going on for decades. For some reason it doesn't wear out its welcome. I am continually fascinated. I made a quick hat out of my handspun yarn. I love it so much. The hardest part of using my amateurish handspun was that I couldn't quite figure out the gauge.
My highly rustic handspun varies from very thick to very thin and not on purpose. I started and ripped back three or four times with varying stitch counts and different size needles. I finally used a US size 10 and I probably could have ended up casting on maybe four more stitches or so to start. Still it turned out really cute and it will be worn by many.
I kind of love this spinning thing along with the knitting. It's plain old fun and it adds a new twist for me.
My knitting protegé Miss Molly (my son's girlfriend) has whipped up two pairs of mittens over the last couple of weeks. She used the aptly titled, Molly's Mittens, pattern. Of course she caught on to all things mitten like the speed of light. She made a red pair for her brother and this raspberry striped pair for her sister. I love how she is immediately knitting for her loved ones. She is really something.

I have this mitten pattern available for purchase and download on my Ravelry shop! Click here for more information.
Molly is already onto a scarf for her best friend. She is knitting a ribbed scarf out of this gorgeous yarn, Rowan Colourscape. I happened to have two hanks of this sitting in my studio just waiting to be used. This yarn has been taking up space for a long time. I think it is magnificent and I can't wait to see the finished scarf. I will probably have to get some more Colourscape to make some sort of scarf for myself after I see Molly's version.

I love to see a young talented person like Molly take off with knitting. Each project is a new adventure and learning something new is around every corner. Wait, that's how it is for this not so young knitter, too.

Like I said, it never gets old.

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best, susie
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