Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Globe

Hi Knitters,
I now live in a snow globe. It is hard to get a picture of the massive amounts of snow we have here in Madison. You can't see that it is snowing hard in this picture, thus the hazy look. That light post is about 8-feet high and that little brown thing right behind the light is the top of my mailbox. At this point we have had about 80-inches of snow.

It is an impressive winter good for daily sledding and loads of hot chocolate. I bought the king-size jar of marshmallow fluff the other day to go along with my gigantic tub of Swiss Miss cocoa. We just can't get enough. At about 3:00 I start heating up the water to be ready for the kids walking home from school.

I don't have too much to share knitwise. I am sending off a package of finished knitted work for another book. I was invited to submit a pattern for a compilation book. I just made that deadline by the skin of my teeth. The deadline is Feb 14th. Phew! FedEx two day delivery here I come.

Now I have to plan my Knit-Out demonstration stuff over the next couple of days. It is good to be prepared for anything. I think I will drag along most all of my samples from my books. Having fun knitted baby things to look at and touch always makes for good times. I need hand-outs and demonstration samples ready to go. Oh yeah, and I have to think of things to wear over the weekend...not something I usually think about much at all in my daily life.

I got my wonderful sunshine yarn in the mail the other day. It is so beautiful. The colorful skein is called, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (from the Harry Potter line) and the other is a new speckled technique Dani's been trying out called, Graffiti Pink. Love them both!

Have a good Tuesday, knitters.
best, susie
p.s. Here is another great hat pattern I plan on knitting, scroll down to see the English directions. I am not sure what a KKS means, anyone out there know the answer? Amy Singer knitted this for her husband which you can see here on her Feb. 1rst entry.