Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wrap and Roll

Hi Knitters,
I had to share my binding roll with you. I save up long strips that I have cut off of other pieces. If I want the binding to be the same I cut a fat quarter into 2 1/4 inch strips. I sew the pieces together and iron the fold.
I love the look of the roll of binding, especially on the raw edged and thready side. It feels so good to use up scraps along the way. I am trying to finish up my placemat project this week and I promise will photograph the steps for you. I've gotten a ton of requests for a tutorial.

Here is a preview of my next project for Spud says! It is a cozy wrap made out of Spud & Chloƫ Outer. It keeps my shoulders so warm. There are lots of ways to wear this one. The buttons are optional. I bought my handcrafted cut branch buttons from this etsy shop called, Wooden Treausres, if you are interested. I have another set waiting for a sweater I have planned. They are gorgeous wooden buttons.

The pattern is coming soon and I'll keep you posted as to when it becomes available.
TC finished her baby hat and bootie set. She is incredibly proud which is fun to see.

The hat is from Itty-Bitty Hats.
She has been enjoying her creations and places them in different spots for people to view and comment on. It is pretty sweet.

I have to tell you about this series I recently watched and enjoyed while I've been knitting and sewing. I found out about it from Jessica while listening to the Doubleknit podcast (one of my favorites). It is a British television series called, Doc Martin. It is available on Watch Instantly on Netflix, which is how I watched the series. Doc Martin is about a socially inept London surgeon who transfers his practice to the tiny village of Port Wenn to become the villagers' general practitioner. He is a curmudgeonly and rude genius to say the least and the characters in the village are as quirky as it gets. I loved it. Doc Martin, however, is not for children as it contains some adult content, nothing too racy but definitely a few adult topics are thrown in here and there.

I love the Doubleknit podcast so much because they talk mainly about knitting but then they talk books and movies and tv as well. I like the added entertainment reviews. I think I have mentioned this podcast before but it is worth another mention.

Take care, Knitters.
best, susie