Sunday, February 01, 2009

Crochet Girl

Hi Knitters,
Yesterday, The Collector asked if she could crochet some granny squares. Oh yeah. That would be great so she could help me finish my granny square blanket that's been languishing in a box. I'm always thinking about that blanket. It would be really fun if she could contribute some squares. I see she's got her "good morning hair" going in these shots. I love that scruffly morning hair.

This morning I said I would teach her granny squares but she had to learn a few basic crochet things first. She sat right beside my chair in my studio and I taught her to chain and single crochet. This was my view of her from my chair.
She picked some Manos Cotton Stria and a hook out of my box of hooks. It was slow going at first, a real struggle, but I reminded her that she just needed to practice. Pretty soon she started getting the hang of it, really in a matter of minutes.
Work, work, work.
Hmmm, hmmm.
Before I knew it she asked me to tie her self-crocheted necklace around her neck.



best, susie