Saturday, September 20, 2014

Calligraphy: Favorite Sweater #4 ~ #projectsweaterchest

Hi, Knitters,
I'm back today to continue on with my Top 10 Favorite Sweaters. I am on #4 on the list. I am blogging about the top 10 sweaters in no particular order. 

To see me wearing all of my Top 10 Favorites I made a 5 minute video. Click here to view!

Today's featured cardigan is called Calligraphy by Hannah Fettig. I started knitting this several years ago and it languished for awhile. I think the longer length and all of the stockinette started to get to me so I put it down. Then toward the end of 2012 I decided to pick it back up again only with a new game plan. 

I had made it down to just beneath the armholes and I just couldn't stand the thought of all of that back and forth stockinette stitch. I decided to knit the body in the round and add steek stitches to the front. This worked like a dream. I finished my Calligraphy up in no time at all from that point on. The steek worked beautifully and it made the knitting much more enjoyable for me.

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK in the Thunderstorm colorway
Buttons: From The Sow's Ear
Needles: US size 6 Signature Needle Arts, 32-inch circulars
Size: I can't remember if I made it in the first or second size. The sizing offered in the pattern is so generous: 34 to 60-inch chest measurement. Wow!

Here are some links for the materials I used for this cardigan:
Click here for Nina's in Chicago (The shop from where I purchased the yarn.)
Click here for The Sow's Ear in Verona, Wisconsin (The shop from where I purchased the buttons.)

When I first finished Calligraphy and began wearing it I really felt like it was too long for me. The length bothered me. I actually put it away for a bit and didn't wear it. Then I don't know what changed my mind but I pulled it out and started wearing it a lot. Suddenly the length didn't bother me at all and I started to enjoy the longer style of the cardigan. I began to take it with me to wear on my teaching venues. It became my travel sweater. Now I see the length as an asset and I wouldn't change a thing.

Here's a little proof:

Spring Fling 2012! Teacher photo from The Loopy Ewe blog. Left to right: Ann Budd, JC Briar, me in my Calligraphy!, Wendy Johnson

Paula's Knitting Pipeline Retreat 2012. Photo taken by Paula's husband.

Notice our cardigans in the above photo. Paula is wearing the Acer cardigan by Amy Christoffers.

While at the retreat Paula and I switched cardigans. I loved this. Now I want to knit the Acer Cardigan for myself, I actually own the pattern and have yarn that would work. And I think I heard Paula say she is going to knit a Calligraphy for herself. It was fun to try on the finished Acer because rarely do you get the chance to do that before knitting something. Plus, Paula and I are exactly the same size so I could really tell that I would love the Acer cardigan. 

Now, after I got home from the Knitting Pipeline Retreat that spring, I decided that the Calligraphy needed only one more thing to make it perfect. Pockets! I had extra yarn leftover and I kept thinking about pockets every time I wore it.

I actually made a tutorial on how I added the patch pockets to my Calligraphy so if you are interested:

The pockets are a good and generous size for the cardigan and I have enjoyed them so much. The Calligraphy is a good one to wear buttoned up or open. It is so comfortable. The Tosh DK is a delight to knit with and to wash. I have washed the Calligraphy a bunch of times and it always comes out perfectly. It is super wash wool. I have washed it by hand and then dried it laying flat. When it is still a little bit damp (almost dry) I throw it in the dryer and it pops right back into shape and it becomes so soft and comfy.

Calligraphy is knit seamlessly from the top-down and it is incredibly simple. It is the quintessential Hannah Fettig sweater, simple/stylish/wearable/practical/casual! She nails it every single time.

You start at the long ribbed collar. Knit the raglan yoke, increase for the sleeves, put the sleeves on holders, knit the body, pick up the sleeves and knit on down, pick up and knit the wide button bands. This would be an excellent beginner level cardigan for sure. Only be aware that it is a lot of knitting and ribbing, but I like both of these things.

Well, tomorrow I am off to Kennebunk, Maine to teach at the Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat! I can't wait. I have never been to Maine before and it should be fantastic. I will take lots of photos to share when I return.

By the way, Paula of the Knitting Pipeline has a new shawl design, Balsam Hollow, being released through Little Skein as a kit. I am super excited about it as the kit is inspired by Anne of Green Gables. More to come on this later but CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to read about the new design by Paula for Little Skein. There is going to be an #annealong which sounds like it will be loads of fun.

Take care, Knitters. I'll see you back here soon!
xo ~ susan