Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wino Forever

Hi Knitters,
I love that story about how Johnny Depp had "Winona Forever" tattooed on his arm. Then when they broke up he had it changed to "Wino Forever." That is too good, very funny and clever.
I am cleaning out my basement and house as we are contemplating what exactly we are going to do with ourselves in the near future. We are simply bursting out of our house. I love this house, but it is tight in here. We are tripping all over each other. Very soon we are either going to have to move to a bigger house or remodel our current house and add on.
Anyway, as I was cleaning out the basement I ran across a ton of knitted items I had done awhile back. I think I packed a lot of stuff up in bins when Alphabet Soup closed down.
As I was digging through a bin of knitted treasures I found these fun wine bottle covers I had made. Now I am not a wino or a whiner nor do I even indulge in wine, but I do like these bottle covers. In fact, I had to search to even find a bottle to put these on for the photo. I am trying to remember what yarn this is. I have a cardigan made in the same yarn as the fringed bottle, I think I used a pattern from Suss Cousin's first book. I should pull that out too because that is a great little cardi with some leather ties in front.
I do remember the big red button on the bottle is made from a coconut shell. These were so quick to knit on larger size dpns. In fact I know I wrote down this pattern somewhere in my old sketch books. If I remember correctly I just knitted the bottom section and then changed to a smaller size dpns for the neck of the bottle. This is a super easy project, and a great beginner project for knitting in the round on dpns. I'll try and find that pattern for you.
Here is an example of what I am up against when trying to keep my house in order. This is my second oldest son jumping off a couch with my three year old nephew following right behind. I found this picture on my camera and wasn't aware this had been going on. Those rascals! Evidence is good to have. This is our bonus room and has been used for many things over the years but mainly it has been a playroom of sorts. I am currently in the middle of fixing it up into a regular-like living space for real people who don't jump off couches with a guitar. Yeah right, like I have a chance.
Take care and have a terrific weekend.

best, susie