Monday, November 28, 2011

'ello Elefante

Hi Knitters,
My sweet knitting-whiz of a neighbor, who is 15 years-old, recently completed an Elefante. She asked me to stitch the head on for her the other day. Her Elefante turned out great. It is a gift for a friend. I am pretty sure this is her first toy.She is already a crochet champion as is her mother. Her mom crochets like the wind, no joke. I love the way she tilted the ears back a bit.
To balance this version of the Elefante I had to tip the head slightly up so the trunk doesn't sit on the ground. It stood up better this way. I love how you can play around with the placement of the toy parts to give a different feeling. This Elefante looks happy like he is lifting his trunk to say hello. Good job all around!

Click here to find out about the free pattern for Elefante. There are now 2,423 finished Elefantes on Ravelry and there are 6,184 more in queues. That's pretty cool.

I love to see the progress of young and talented knitters. I am lucky to have a few around me at all times.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. Back to the grindstone, right?
best, susie