Thursday, September 08, 2011

TC's Little Pumpkins

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Fall is definitely in the air around here. The season is changing, the air is crisp and fall activities and school are in full swing. The other day right before school started TC was looking for something to do. She jumped online and started checking out the fall crafts on the Family Fun website. She found and picked out this quick fabric pumpkin craft and got to work. On the site this craft project is called, Squash Softies.

I love the photo above of TC. She likes to chat while she crafts.

So far TC has made eight little stuffed pumpkins. She found some orange fleece and white fur to start. Doesn't everyone have these materials hanging around the house? Later we went to JoAnn's and she picked out three different Halloween-themed printed fabrics to use as well. I think I spent $7.00 for the fabrics. Everything else we already had.
You cut a circle out of the fabric, fleece or fur.
TC used various plates and bowls to trace around with a marker on the fabric. Then she threaded dental floss on a needle and did a running stitch about a 1/2 inch inside the edge of the circle.
TC gathered up her pumpkin slightly to create a bowl.
More gathering and scooting the fabric around was needed as she pulled up.
Then she stuffed and stuffed and shaped the pumpkin.
In between the cutting, stitching and gathering, TC ran outside to collect sticks in our yard. She is very particular about her pumpkin stems. Before knotting off and cutting the floss, she stuck in the stem.
I had to help her with the final knot to make sure the fabric was tight and secure around the stick. This is a little tricky but using the floss really helps with this part.

A couple of things to note if you try this with your kids, the cotton print fabric is a lot easier to work with over the fleece or fur because it isn't so bulky. We also used hot glue to secure the stick to the fabric after the pumpkin was finished. Everyone picks up the pumpkins by the stem and if it isn't glued in it falls right out. You could use fabric glue here as well.

One more thing, we started using poly-pellets to give some weight to the bottom of the pumpkins so they sit better. If your pumpkins aren't for small children you might like to add the poly-pellets to your pumpkins.
Here is TC's little pumpkin collection for home so far. The print fabric pumpkins are gone already. She has given away several pumpkins to my sister and to my husband's friend and co-worker. She is a giver of pumpkins. TC will make more of the printed pumpkins and I'll share them when she gets to it.
Aren't they sweet? Fall is here!

I think I heard a rumor that pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks. I may have to venture out to see if this is true today.
best, susie
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