Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hatching a Dragon

Hi, Knitters,
I am hatching a dragon. That's right, he is hatching right off my needles and before my eyes. I made a video the other day of how I start thinking about shapes and features of my knit toy designs as I am working. 

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I have mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that I am working on designing a dragon for Unicorn Books, the distributor of Opal Sock Yarn in the U.S. I have gotten a very enthusiastic response so far. I've concluded that people like dragons. Opal has come out with a new solid series for their fantastic sock yarn. The colors are wonderful and inspiring.

Click here to see the Opal Sock Yarn and Hat Bunny on my Ravelry Pattern Shop! (Each pattern can be bought separately or together.)

Unicorn Books (the country's biggest craft book distributor) will be selling the pattern in hard copy and download to yarn shops starting this June of 2013 at TNNA. Eventually, I will be able to sell the pattern in my own Ravelry Pattern Shop as a download.

I love this little friendly dragon. I feel like he is a youngster, possibly recently hatched from his dragon egg. He has a sleepy, just woke up look about him.

In fact, I am thinking about making an egg for him to hatch out of, not as a reversible but as a separate piece. Yes to that?

I've worked so hard on his wings. After much study of dragon images and debate I decided that the wings should match the body color. Since he is a young or baby dragon, I imagined his wings just unfolding for the first time. They are kind of sweet looking.

I still have his tail to knit on. I have left a good open tail space to work with below his spine.

The face isn't complete yet either and arms and legs are still to come. Maybe a tiny flame from his mouth? Not sure. I'm having a great time designing this friendly dragon. 

Here are a couple of things to note if you want to start thinking about making this dragon for yourself: 
- The dragon is knit completely in one-piece from the bottom up. There is no seaming or stitching on of parts. When you are done knitting, the toy is done!
- The Opal Sock Yarn is the Grasgrun colorway and is held doubled throughout the project. It goes quite fast held double.
- I am knitting on US size 5 dpns.
- The dragon is about 6-inches tall.

More to come very soon on the dragon front as I complete him......

One announcement I need to make is that I will not be attending the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. The coordinator contacted my publicist to say that the author book signings have been canceled. I am sad not to attend but hopefully another year! I think I am signing book plates for the festival to use when selling my books so you can still get a signed book.

On the good news front, I WILL still be teaching a workshop and having a book signing/meet and greet at the fabulous Fibre Space in Alexandria, Virginia, on Friday, May 3rd. The workshop is from 5-7pm and the meet and greet/book signing is from 7-9pm!!

Here is the information for Fibre Space (fibrespace.com):
102 N. Fayette Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 664-0344

Enjoy your day and I hope you enjoyed this tiny look behind-the-scenes of my toy designing.
best, susie
p.s. The Ebb Cowl Knitalong is ending in one week!! There are 86 projects posted already, 344 queues, and over 1,000 favorites for the Ebb Cowl. Thank you everyone! Finish up and post your cowl if you haven't yet.