Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hat Fest

Hi Knitters,
Elizabeth (ChickWithSticks on ravelry) posted this picture of her granddaughters wearing Bunny Tail hats (the pattern is in Itty-Bitty Hats) that she knitted for them this spring. They are in California. I wrote her that I need some of those for my lawn! How incredibly cute. Thanks, Elizabeth, for sharing your family and knitting.
I have two more hats from my Girl Scout knitters. This girl scout is a fast and furious knitter and completed her hat in an instant. She donated her hat to charity along with one more from The Collector.
The Collector finished this hat and I helped her with the point on top. Doesn't it look like an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen? She loved the subtle, heathery stripes. This yarn is Encore Colorspun #7333 and it is really nice. 

These two hats (we have donated 6 hats so far) are being sent to Indiana to an organization that helps and supports mothers by offering activities and classes. When the moms attend and participate they earn coupons for free stuff, like diapers for example. I learned about this charity through the Itty-Bitty Knits group monthly charity knitalong. I have to get these sent off to Indiana within the next couple of days.
Here is my Rainbow Marley hat that now just needs the marley topper. I made this one for the Hat Swap I signed up for. You can still sign up through May 16th if you are interested in joining. After you sign up you have until June 16th to make your hat so there is no rush.

Here is one more cute girl in a knitted hat. This one is the Baby Slouch made for an older child. I think it turned out great. I get so many photos and links from knitters sharing their projects and babies and children. I wish I could post them all but do know that I love to see what you are doing with your needles. Keep it coming.

Okay, Knitters, I have a lot on my plate today as I am sure you all do, too. Seize the day!
best, susie