Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girl Scout Knitting Part 3

Hi Knitters,
Well, I had my last group of girl scouts over yesterday. They were a wonderful group of girls eager to knit and learn.
The Collector is well into her fourth hat and she is proud of her knitting accomplishments. Her adorable friend has knitted before but not in the round so I helped her just a little with that concept. She caught on really fast.
She is very excited to make her first hat.
This girl is a returning knitter from the first meeting. Boy, is she doing well. She is almost ready to decide what type of hat top she would like. It is fun to see her enthusiasm and her ability to carry on with her knitting when she gets home.
This scout did a great job and was patient with her learning. Each stitch took some thought but she kept plugging away until it became much easier.
You can't tell from the photos but this group spent much of their time singing, some solos, some group songs. They were so funny. Some of their songs were even made up from scratch. They were up and down a bit and did some coloring in the big sketchbook on the table. They had a good time together, silly fun with a little knitting thrown in the mix. All's good.

Now on to planning a large group meeting, I am thinking maybe at Lakeside Fibers. I'll have to call over there and see what they think about that. We'll see.
Have a good weekend, Knitters. It is beautiful weather here in Madison, very spring-like indeed!
best, susie