Monday, July 12, 2010

A Room with a View

Hi Knitters,
I don't have a room with a view so I'm sharing my view in a room today. It is filled with work and computer time and knitting and a new tiny project for the Spud & Chloƫ blog in the works. When TC saw the sweet delicate little butterflies she gasped. She immediately tried the rings on. I want to make a bunch more in different colorways. I love knitting little things like that. Coming soon.....

I have been working away on my Citron shawl. I'll take pictures soon to share. Maybe even tomorrow. Lace weight is a new thing for me. I am using the Malabrigo Lace and I really like it.

I have also been working away on Slinky Ribs. I like this one, too, and will share that progress as well. I have moved on to the fronts and those are going pretty quickly. The construction of this pattern is really different for me. It keeps me anxiously waiting to see how it is going to come together and that is fun. For the sleeves you need 3 different colored stitch markers. This sounds complicated to me but I am not going to judge until I try it! It probably is going to be pretty simple in the end.

Both of those projects are fun but neither one is fast! Slooooow as molasses to be exact.

I have a few new favorites to share, a couple of these projects I am making for my teenage daughter who is in love with the Twilight series:
DIY Ruffles Ruffles are still all of the rage around here.
Coquille Shawl from Knitty
Mustard Scarf! I love mustard and I love this scarf!
I have a big bag of Summer Tweed from a long time ago and I am going to make Summer Storm with it.

Talk to you soon!
best, susie