Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yay or Nay?

Hi Knitters,
What do you think? My kids think no. I think maybe?
I knitted this with my 21 year-old niece in mind. Her birthday is the day after Christmas and I am always caught short for her gift. I am not sure if she will enjoy and wear this tam or not. It is pretty huge and fairly heavy. It is knitted with 2 strands of Manos (you need 3 skeins) held together on size 11 needles. Let me tell you, it was a bear to knit, really rough. You start with a size 7 sixteen inch circular and you cast on a small amount of stitches, then after the rib you almost triple the number of stitches in a couple of rounds. The first few inches were downright painful. If I had to do it again I would not start in the round but I would knit back and forth for a long while, then switch to working in the round and then seam up the first section at the end. It was very awkward knitting the whole way. I love the design though and the chunky cables are always a winner in my book.
There it is right on the cover of the newest Knit.1 magazine. My niece is a beautiful blonde just like the model. My kids think, "it looks kind of crazy" and "it looks like a chef hat," said by two of them at separate times. The Collector will not respond at all. She just peeked at me over the back of the couch. I know it is a trendy style hat and they are not used to it. It's more of a statement hat. I am just not sure if I should gift it or not....
I am sure of this, when your seventeen-year-old son asks for a knitted pair of mittens, you jump to it. I whipped these up for him to wear to swim team in the early mornings, they leave at about 5:40am every school day. The mittens are in his school colors, which he selected, and I measured his hands along the way to make up the pattern. They are custom made just for him and he loves them. He wore them inside all of last night and then I went to greet him this morning and he was wearing his mittens again. Score.

Give me your vote on the tam if you get a chance. Even if it turns out to be a "no-go" I still like trying out patterns and knitting new things. That's what it's all about.
best, susie