Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Pickings

Hi Knitters,
Two weekends ago we gathered up the kids and went pumpkin and apple picking at a nearby farm. I treasure these traditions with my kids especially as they are getting older. It was the kind of gorgeous fall day which have been few and far between this year. We took full advantage.
The farm we always visit has some enormous carts filled with pumpkins toward the entrance to the farm. This year they were packed with the most beautiful variety of pumpkins.
First we headed out to the pumpkin fields because the kids really enjoy picking their pumpkins right off the lot. Unfortunately, we only found a couple of good pumpkins in the fields this year so we came back to the carts and finished out our selection. That's my nephew in the orange jacket.
Now that the kids are older they do all of the work so that's kind of nice.
My sister met us over at the farm. She is wearing a hat she knitted a couple of years ago. She bought the yarn in NYC at the yarn shop where she sat and knitted with Bette Midler and Cecily Tyson. Remember that? Those were some good times from my last book tour. Anyway, it's a super cute hat and I love the mega-tassel she made. Fun memories.
Siblings marching up the path to the apple orchard and carrying the apple picking bag. New rules at the farm make you pre-purchase the bag and listen to a brief lecture before you can go picking. There must have been some apple thievery and mischief taking place.
The trees were absolutely packed with apples, more than ever.
The Collector is in her glory.
I love the little things at the farm like the old and worn signs along the edge of the path telling you what kind of apples are found in that certain row of trees. I had never heard of Northern Spy apples, have you?
The kids are getting so tall. They can reach way higher than I can.
The Collector and I stay closer to the ground. I love the dirty hands. There was a lot of sampling going on which I am sure breaks a rule or two.
The trees provided a wonderful view.
Brothers always amaze me in any family by how similar and different they are at the same time.
A bite or two never hurt anybody, right?
The Collector ran back to grab a couple extra apples to feed to the horses on the way out.
Our work was done. We had five enormous pumpkins and a large bag of apples in our possession. Needless to say, I've been making apple crisp and applesauce ever since. Our house has been smelling of cinnamon and apples for days.

It's Monday already and I can't believe it. Have a good week, Knitters.
best, susie