Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hi Knitters,
Okay, I published the Sneak Peek post and it vanished except for the title. I published again in hopes it would appear. It appeared with the title only. Then I went for a run and when I returned the first Sneak Peek with the text and pictures appeared and was published. I have no idea what actually happened.

Don't make fun now. Since a couple people have asked already the book is due out in September 2007 and is up for pre-order on amazon under Itty-Bitty Nursery. The cover photo is not on amazon yet but hopefully soon. You should check out the knitting books on sale over there, too, it is unbelievable. K2together with Tracey Ullman is five bucks!

This is really my last post for today.
best, susie

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Hi Knitters,
Look what just arrived in my basement. That's all I'm going to say about that. I know you are jealous about this summer treat.
Luckily, this Artisan Catalog arrived the same day as the drum set. It is the fall 2007 Artisan catalog. Artisan is my publisher if you don't know. I am excited to show you a sneak preview of a tiny bit of Itty-Bitty Nursery.
I know the pictures aren't the clearest, a little glare is going on. I am running out the door in a minute so I don't have time to re-do right now. Maybe I'll try again later or get my son to do it for me.
The sweater and pillow set are made in Blue Sky Alpaca and they are such a fun knit. It is garter stitch heaven. I have a funny story about this set I'll share with you later. The cover shots, the cupcake hat, scarf and mitten set, the polka dot chickens, the pacifier clip (there are three different clips in the book) and the patches blanket are all made with Rowan yarns, my all-time favorite company.
The peas and carrots pillows are made with Crystal Palace cotton chenille which is a great baby yarn. Anyway, it's all looking good.
The other fun thing about getting a catalog from your publisher is that I get to see who the other authors are that are releasing books the same time as I am. Artisan publishes a wide variety of books, mainly cook books I would say, but they cover many other topics as well. They are a part of Workman Publishing. The whole thing interests me to no end.
One last thing or maybe two, congratulations to my sweet 5th grade girl for completing elementary school. She is on to the much larger middle school next year. It is a milestone for any child. We are very proud of her. She is filled with sweetness and love. You can see that I wasn't lying about my husband's height. My sister picked the bouquet from her garden, what a treat. The gym was at least 100 degrees. Isn't that always the case?
The Inspiration Wednesday podcast was released yesterday. It is a fun listen, only about 30 minutes. Adrienne does a great job. Her friend Toya, who she does the podcast with wasn't there due to computer problems. For a little inside track and a laugh, you wouldn't believe how tired and worn out I was when I received Adrienne's call for the interview. It was at 8pm, which normally wouldn't be that late, but it had been one of the busiest, most hectic and stressful days I can remember. I literally had not sat down all day. Not to mention that I had gotten up at 3:30am that morning and I had to take an anti-histamine for horrible allergy problems which only added to the fog. I even considered rescheduling with Adrienne but decided against it. Then when Adrienne called me she told me she was completely exhausted and had her tire blow out on the way to or from work that day. You probably wouldn't notice my tiredness too much, but I thought letting you know might add to your listening experience. We both just laughed about it all and carried on.
That's just what you do in life!
best, susie