Thursday, May 28, 2015

May Madness

Hi, Knitters,
The phrase is usually March Madness and is in reference to basketball but around here it has been more like May Madness. I think most families experience the same things no matter the ages of the kids. The school year is ending which means final sporting events, parents' nights, banquets, field trips, forms to read and sign (usually accompanied with checks), year-end concerts, organizing summer activities, and high school final exams are upon us. Many of us have college kids moving back into the house which means stuff upon stuff coming into the house. And then there is usually a bit of lag time in between school ending and summer jobs starting so there is a lot of hanging out and eating going on. 

It's just a lot of everything. Most all of it is fun and happy and exciting right along with being a lot. I hope if you are having May Madness at your house you are able to catch your breath and enjoy it a bit.

For today's business at hand, I have a tiny bit of knitting to share with you. I have turned the heel and finished the gusset on my Regia Arne & Carlos sock. This is the first of the pair and it has been slow going because I haven't been working on it much. I do love it so far. 

The rib is 12 rounds, k2, p2. The cuff is 6-inches long. The pattern is my free one called, How I Make My Socks. The needles are from Signature (6-inch length dpns in US size 1/2.25mm). The wooden sock blockers (these are my absolute favorite) are from The Loopy Ewe. The Arne & Carlos Regia sock yarn is a bit difficult to get. I found a few skeins here and a few skeins here.

There is a casual Arne & Carlos sock knitalong on Instagram. Use #acregiakal to tag your photos if you are interested in joining in or seeing more photos of socks being knit out of this yarn line. It's inspiring to see all of the Arne & Carlos socks and the twists people put on them and just how others knit their socks in general. 

Also this week I have been putting a serious editing dent in the first pass of my next book. Editing is tedious work and requires focus and concentration. These are two things that don't come easily when you have May Madness going on in your house. 

Let's just say I have had to close a few doors here and there to keep noise and commotion at bay. 

Today, May 28th, 2015, is the final day of the Yowza Weigh It Shawl 1-4 sale. I reduced the price for all four shawl patterns to $4.00 for one week, and tomorrow they will return to the regular price of $5.00. 

I want to thank you all so much for the support for the release of the Yowza Weigh It 4 shawl. The response has been fantastic. I really appreciate how you all make things so much fun around here. I am very grateful.

I heard from the people at Miss Babs that Yowza yarn sales have been through the roof, especially for the Perfectly Wreckless colorway (as seen in the shawl in the photo above). You only need one skein, needles and a kitchen scale to make the shawl. It's all garter stitch and there is no counting or keeping track involved.

It's good all around. Thank you, again. 

I have to share an inspired version of the Yowza Weigh It Shawl 4 with permission from pamelajd on Ravelry. 

photo from pamelajd on rav

Pam made her Yowza Weigh It 4 with two DK Twist Gradient Sets from Madelinetosh. I love this use of two gradient sets in the pink and silver bell gradient colorways. You know how you get these beautiful gradient sets and then you have no idea what to do with them so they just sit on the shelf.

Well, here you go!

photo from pamelajd on rav

I want to make one of these for myself just like Pam's version. It is so beautiful. I love the way both of the striping colors are gradient in the shawl. It is just stunning. I love it!

The ribbed edging instructions are available in the Yowza 4 pattern as an alternate edging to the applied garter edging in the shawl I am wearing. 

Okay, back to my pencil, post-it notes and pages. I hope you are having a good week and that you have a great weekend ahead. 

I'll be back soon with more.
xo ~ susan