Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hi Knitters,
It is good to be home. Today is the first day the kids have school again. Now the schools give the day after Easter as a vacation day, too. I was glad to have everyone with me for one last day. I love those kids.
Our trip was a success, great weather, beautiful beaches, lots of long days together. My husband is the best to have around on vacations. He is the rare type that has endless energy and can play for hours on end with the kids. I haven't met another adult like him in this capacity. He is good with kids at any age and doing any type of activity. I love that about him and kids love him for it as well. Plus he is super, super funny all of the time. He makes me laugh so hard, like no one else. You know when your stomach aches from laughing? That's him in a nutshell and it's just what the doctor ordered. Anyway, we're home safe and sound now.
I knitted a little bit on the trip but all that I am working on now is for a future book project that I can't really share. I am working on one project with Tilli Tomas' Disco Lights which you can purchase here. It is a winner of a yarn. I have only three or four other projects completed so there is a long way to go for an entire book.
I received quite a response on the booties and have seen many pictures of completed booties so far. That has been fun, I am glad people are enjoying those. I will get that Elefante project posted soon, possibly the next post. At least that is what I am planning on.
I am getting my manuscript pages back for one last look today or tomorrow. Back to work I go on that. I can't wait to see it again. Itty-Bitty Hats is now out in a second printing so you only need the corrections if you have the first edition copy.
I am excited to say I got invited to the Lexington Blue Grass Book Festival hosted by the beautiful book store Joseph-Beth Booksellers which I visited on tour last fall. They have great events there for authors. The festival is on April 21 and I am on a panel at 11:00am with two other women I am so excited to meet. One is the fiction author Ann Hood who wrote The Knitting Circle, which I just read and reviewed. That is good luck, right? The other is Stefanie Japel who authored Fitted Knits, which I received in the mail before my trip. More good luck, yes? That's an interesting panel with some very different authors, should be fun. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is going to be there too, so I hope to catch whatever she is doing. I am reading her new book and will talk about that soon.
I'll let you know more about that event later. I hope to see and meet lots and lots of knitters in Lexington so come if you are close. All of a sudden I realized that is only a little more than a week away. Can that be true? I have no sense of time lately. I wonder if I have something in my closet to wear. Yikes.
Gotta go check.
best, susie
p.s. I just looked at the Joseph-Beth site and Paula Deen is going to be at a sold-out talk on Apr. 21rst at 12:00. I love Paula and her recipes. I wish I could have seen her. Shoot.