Monday, January 07, 2008

Rainbow Part Deux

Hi Knitters,
Now the rainbows are rolling in around me. Memories and past projects are coming to mind as I thoroughly think about my rainbow connection. Oh and my new scarf is the king of all rainbows. If you don't enjoy lots of photos look away. This project deserves many, many photos as there may not be a better scarf out there. Okay, maybe the clapotis but that's it. When I looked the clapotis pattern up I guess it is considered a wrap not a scarf, but still.
I first saw this on Brooklyn Tweed's beautiful knitting blog. I used his free guidelines. This design has been floating all over the knitting internet for some time. It is Noro Silk Garden, k1, p1 rib, US size 7 needles. I made mine about 5 inches wide and 72-inches long. Knitting this was so enjoyable, calming, interesting, plain old fun. The only reason for the pleasant experience is the yarn.
You alternate two different colorways of the silk garden, every two rows. The striped effect comes naturally, without any effort. I was always waiting to see what combination would come next.
Now I had a lot of small ends of silk garden from past projects so I used those up first. Then when those ran out I bought 4 skeins and just broke in to the last two. Basically I have almost two full skeins left. I was thinking a hat (not to wear with the scarf, that would be way too much) using the striping effect would be pretty cool. I will let you know what I come up with. Noro is good, good for my rainbow needs. Excellent scarf, you should try this one!
I know some of these photos didn't come out the best. It is a foggy slush fest around here. The fog and rain have closed in upon us and that's exactly how my camera worked today, kind of fuzzy. My husband and I went out walking yesterday and it seemed like we were walking in a dream.
Anyway, I have had my eye out for rainbow inspired knitted things and I have a few more to add. Remember this? I posted about my tubey a long while ago. I claimed at that point I was going to rip it out because of the poor fit. Well, as you can see, I haven't done that yet. A very funny coincidence occurred when I checked out Betz's blog this morning. See? Unbeknownst to me, Betz made a reference to my tubey experience right at the same time I had my tubey in my hands. I have not worn this sweater once. I said in the old post that I wore it once but I don't remember wearing it. Did I make that up or block it out? Lovin' the rainbow in middle but I will probably still rip this out eventually.
Here is my Noro Kureyon rainbow sweater. The yarn is too good for words andthis is one of the best sweaters ever as far as design goes. Simple rib with a turtleneck is always my favorite. (It is funny to look back at those old posts, I don't think anyone was reading, not a soul!)
My rainbow chevron scarf I made out of Koigu Kersti. I love this scarf and it was a fun knit.
This goofy rainbow sweater I made so long ago. Julia Robert's special! Now for a non-knitted rainbow, this zipper belongs to a "new" purse at my house. I have a crazy story about this purse but I am not sure how it is going to end up yet so I will wait to share it. I have never seen a zipper like this one before, pretty cute.
And last but not least, my beloved elefante is a rainbow to behold. The free pattern for elefante is on my sidebar if you are interested. On ravelry you can look up elefante in the pattern section and find 84 completed elefante photos and there are 543 elefantes in people's queues. That is fun. This project started as a complete whim. You never know what kind of rainbow will catch on.
Hope your day is going well.
best, susie