Monday, February 18, 2008

Color with Kristin

Hi Knitters,
Well, I'm back to share my fuzzy travel shots with you. What is it that I can't take a clear shot when I am on the road? Be patient and squint your eyes because the content is more important, I hope. Last Friday night I got the opportunity to attend Kristin Nicholas' Color Workshop at the Minnesota Textile Center and it was such a treat. I want to share the evening with you, at least a little bit. In case you don't know Kristin is a designer/author who has had a major impact on me for many years. For me her workshop was a big deal. When Amy Greeman (Kristin's publicist from Storey Publishing) introduced Kristin I have to admit I got a little misty eyed. I can't believe my good fortune. While Kristin was speaking I realized my face was starting to hurt from smiling, good thing it was a darkened room and I was in the back.

The attendance was huge, standing room only. It felt so good to be in a room honoring such a talent. The energy was amazing. Kristin had a wonderful power point presentation to illustrate her main point about color being, be fearless and jump right in. As a color-loving designer myself, I have to whole-heartedly agree with everything she said. If in doubt keep your eye on nature as a guide.
Kristin lives on a beautiful New England farm where she has sheep, lambs, chickens, dogs, cats and more. The animals and landscape are breathtaking. The power point transports you to Kristin's doorstep. You get to see what she sees every single day. She shows pictures of flowers and backdrops and ethnic embroidery pieces and swatches. She demonstrates how backgrounds can influence color shades at the blink of an eye. With her life's setting it is no wonder her design is a color whirlwind.
She shared pictures of her painted walls, and I mean she paints pictures on her walls, it is so excellent. Her old farmhouse is infused with color with a rich quality that is beyond fantastic. One room is chartreuse and it looks fabulous.
Kristin's speaking style is natural, funny, interesting, smart and most of all, she is just being herself. She is humble and honest. The large crowd adored her and her work and her yarn. If your local yarn shop is not selling her yarn, Julia, you should make a request. When I saw and touched her samples, all knit in Julia, it is a match made in heaven. It is a worsted weight, my favorite to work with because of its versatility.
As Kristin met her adoring fans...
others devoured her sample tables. Don't forget about Kristin's stitchery. She has two books on her stitching and I have them both. I highly recommend each of these books. Her instruction is crystal clear and a little embroidery can add so much to any project, knitted or fabric.
I could barely get pictures of the samples because of the crowds.
Happy knitters enjoyed the samples and atmosphere...
and happy Susan enjoyed one of her idols. The best thing about getting to spend a few days with Kristin was that I like her even more now which is almost impossible. Kristin is down to earth, smart, and talented. What is so refreshing is that I truly don't think she knows how influential and revered she is. She is completely humble and that is perhaps her most endearing quality. What a lovely woman.

I'll be back with more about the knit-out soon.

best, susie