Monday, December 27, 2010


Hi Knitters,
Whew. That was fun and loads of work. My dishwasher has never run so many times in one day. Here's to a marvelous weekend and to the start of a fresh new week.

Last fall I ordered a couple of balls of Zauberball from my friends. I think it is about the most fun striping sock yarn around. I love this colorway so much. I don't know the color number but my friends will. Give them a call and they can send you some, too:


I am making the Baktus Scarf (pattern link) using one ball and my scale to measure when I get to the halfway point. Click here for the Ravelry project page for the Strikkelise Baktus Scarf. I am at about 60 grams right now and at 50 grams I will start decreasing. This was the perfect project to have by my side over the holiday. There is no thinking or even much looking needed. Knit, knit, knit with an occasional yarn over for the increase.
I also purchased the new Shetland Trader book by Gudrun Johnston. I immediately cast on my Springree Road handspun to make the Norie hat. It is a beautiful pattern. I knew that the handspun was a little heavier weight than the dk weight used in the pattern and that I didn't have enough yardage so I modified the pattern to accommodate the yarn. I took out one of the increases and one of the repeats and modified the decreases for the top. I ended up using every last inch of the 160 yard skein, literally. I love the outcome and I feel pretty good having whipped up a new hat for myself amidst the chaos of the weekend. By the way, this is the perfect first time lace project. There are bands of a simple lace pattern intermingled with stockinette and a purl round here and there. Great fun.

The book, Shetland Trader (click here to see all of the patterns on Ravelry), has 10 fantastic patterns and I love them all. I have a feeling you might love them, too. You can order an e-book or a printed copy. I plan on making a few more items. Good job, Gudrun!

I am thinking about a giveaway for later in the week. Be sure to check back if you are interested.
best, susie