Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hey, this is fun!

Hi Knitters,
Aren't those beautiful Japanese Lanterns? My daughter's teacher grew them in her garden this summer. My daughter brought a bunch of the knitted Acorns a la Betz to school for her the other day and this is what she sent us in return. Lucky trade. 
I am officially a freak for orange. I love that pumpkin shade of orange any day of the week. I can't ever get enough. Japanese Lanterns, that's my first fun item to share.

My next fun item to share is this.  Scroll down and look at the projects. Which design do you think is mine? I'd love to see if you can tell just from the pictures. That's pretty fun to see after my cover project debacle.  It's a good pic, too.

Write in a guess in the comments if you're inclined. I wrote about the project briefly and vaguely awhile ago. I will have more on that particular project coming soon. I took some of my own photos I will share. Is that magazine out on the stands already, does anyone know? I didn't see a date on the site.

More fun ahead:

I have to make these, I want just one pair of those (dpns of, course) and I simply love her style. Plus I just looked and she's talking about quinces. Love.

I figured out the photo posting thing so that's pretty fun, too.

We'll talk soon.
best, susie