Friday, May 29, 2009

Fruits & Peas

Hi Knitters,
I have been sewing away here and there over the last couple of weeks. You know me, I always like the little things. I made a pear pincushion on my machine. The pattern is here and I bought it over a year ago, it is by Heather Bailey. Her shop is so beautiful and vibrant. If you click on the pattern shop be sure to check out her ring stacker toy. It's fantastic. I have always wanted to knit one of those...
I felt pretty cool about this because it involved interfacing and all. Don't laugh. I used some wool felt from here to make the stem and leaf.
Next, I made Heather's strawberry pincushion from a kit I had bought from her shop. Now I didn't see the kits when I just looked. I bought one for my sister and one for me. My kit included the pink velvet and my sister's is red wool felt. There was a bit of embroidery for the seeds and the leaf topper. I hand stitched this project, no machine here.
Fresh fruit for my pins and needles. Yum!
Okay, this has pattern release has been delayed since I have been swamped as of late. Here is my latest washcloth pattern, the Sweet Pea Washcloth. I plan on having the pattern available sometime this weekend. Hold me to it.
I made this version in the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille but any worsted weight cotton will work just fine.
I think a sweet pea washcloth with a sweet pea hat would make a fantastic gift for a baby. That's a lot of peas for the taking.
I was thinking it would be so cute to do matching hat and washcloth colors. Make pink or blue peas on the washcloth and use a lighter green for the pod. I haven't had time to knit one up like this but it would be a good combo.
These are the yarns in my head that would make a great boy or girl sweet pea washcloth to go with the hats. Anyhoo, if you are interested check back soon for the pattern. I will list the yarn I used and the colors in the photo above and the tools and skills needed to make it up. I am making myself get on the ball with writing up the pattern by posting about it again. It should work: )

I want to get this one done and available because my next washcloth pattern is going to be the best one yet. It's very summer-y!

Okay, Knitters, off we go into another weekend. Can you believe it?
best, susie