Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loop-d-Loop Lace Giveaway

Edited to add on June 29th, 2011: The giveaway is now closed and no further entries are being taken. Thanks to all for entering.

Hi Knitters,
Way back when I first started my blog in 2006 I posted this photo. This is my seven-year-old TC in her Loop-d-Loop sweater called, Child's Geek Spiral Pullover. She wore this sweater so much for a couple of years. I made it in the 4-6 size and had to add on to the borders to make it bigger. TC loved this sweater so much. She wore it to play in soccer games, to school, to snuggle on the couch at home, pretty much everywhere we went. It was her favorite. I washed it constantly. This sweater is still hanging in TC's closet today as one to save.

The pattern for this cotton chenille sweater is in Teva Durham's first book, Loop-d-Loop. I was completely in love with this book for a long time after it came out in 2005. Now, pulling it back out to look through again today, it still stands the test of time. Teva pushed the boundaries of traditional knitting. She twisted and turned ordinary knit items and made them extraordinary. In 2005 she broke ground for other knitting books like this one but no one has done it better. Teva was a first and I'll never forget the excitement I felt when I first got my hands on Loop-d-Loop. It was a thrill.

I did get to meet Teva briefly while she was signing books at TNNA a couple of weeks ago. Really, I walked past her sitting in a booth signing reserved books after her book signing. When I realized it was her I stopped in my tracks, turned around and introduced myself to her. I wanted to tell her what a fan I am of her work. That was an understatement. Teva is a genius, a stitch architect, a ground-breaking knitter extraordinaire. I didn't say that to her but I will say it here.

Teva's book, Loop-d-Loop, made me want to write knitting books.
Since her first book Teva wrote Loop-d-Loop Crochet, which is also a fantastic book, and now her new book Loop-d-Loop Lace.
Click here for more details on Loop-d-Loop.

I love my stack of Loop-d-Loop books. All three books are elegant and sophisticated. The designs are inspiring. The books are big and jam-packed and wonderful.
Today I am going to share a bit of Teva Durham's newest book, Loop-d-Loop Lace. The book is divided into chapters that focus on different types of lace: mesh, eyelets, samplers, leaves and doilies.
(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
The book has more than 30 designs that include shawls, scarves, sweaters, skirts, cardigans, hats, socks, home decor, bags, capelets...

The design above is called the Smocked Border Triangle Shawl. It is a beauty.

(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
I have a couple of ottomans I'd like to knit over at my house. I love this one. It is called, Split Leaves Ottoman.
(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
My favorite chapter in the book is titled, Leaf. This is one of the many projects that has a leaf motif, called Palm Leaf Wrap.

(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
For each project Teva tells the story behind the design, what inspired her and how the final design came to be. They are always interesting stories and they make you look at the design differently. Don't skim over this part of the book. I love the insight Teva shares.

The cover design (above) is called, Milanese Shower Bolero. It is made in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I'd like to knit this one up. It looks so comfortable and sweet.

(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
Here is another leaf inspired project. It is called the Embossed Leaves Wrap. It's so pretty.

(photo by Adrian Buckmaster)
Above are the Interlocking Squares Pillow and Bolster. I never thought of making lace pillows. I love the geometric lace pattern in this design.

I enjoy this book so much. The range of projects is spectacular. The book is gorgeous and artistic and a lovely addition to my library. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into creating Loop-d-Loop Lace.

If you would like a copy of Loop-d-Loop Lace by Teva Durham please leave a comment on this post. Please do not email me and please only enter once. Also, please leave an email address or your Ravelry ID so I can easily get in touch with you if you win. I will gather your mailing address at that time.

I'll be back in a short while with a winner!

Good luck.
best, susie