Thursday, November 01, 2007

Look What Else It Does

Hi Knitters,
Here is the part where I pretend to be really smart so play along with me. I was looking at my pear cozy last night and all of a sudden I realized that it would fit an apple just as well.
Well, yes it most certainly does! Two cozies in one.
This makes me incredibly happy. See it doesn't take much. I am a low maintenance kind of girl.
I have had many requests for this pattern already so here it goes in a very sketchy kind of way (meaning I wrote this in 5 minutes):
Pearapple Cozy:
US size 5 dpns (4 needles)
Small amount of dk/sport weight yarn
Stitch marker
Yarn needle
Gauge: 6 stitches per inch
Here we go:
Cast on 9 stitches (3 stitches per needle on 3 dpns). Join to work in the round and place stitch marker on the first stitch of the round.
rnd 1: knit
rnd 2: kfb in each stitch (18 stitches)
rnds 3 and 4: knit
rnd 5: (k2, kfb) repeat across rnd (24 stitches)
rnd 6: knit
rnd 7: (k1, kfb) repeat across rnd (36 stitches)
rnds 8 and 9: knit
rnd 10: (k1, kfb) repeat across rnd (54 stitches)
rnd 11: (kfb, knit to last stitch, kfb) repeat this on each needle (60 stitches total, 20 stitches per needle)
Place your stitch marker on the first stitch of rnd 11. Knit for 2-inches above this marker.
Decrease rnds:
rnd 1: (k3, k2tog) repeat across rnd (48 stitches remain)
rnds 2 and 3: knit
rnd 4: (k2, k2tog) repeat across rnd (36 stitches remain)
Switch to k1, p1 rib and continue in rib for 1 inch.
Next rnd: (p2tog, purl to last 2 stitches, p2tog) repeat this on each needle (30 stitches total, 10 stitches per needle remain)
Picot bind-off:
Work loosely. *k1, place back on left needle, cast on 2 stitches on the left needle, bind off 4 stitches* repeat between * * until one stitch remains. Cut yarn, pull through the last stitch. Weave in end to the inside.
Place apple or pear inside. Give to loved one immediately!
Go crazy knitters! I want to see evidence that this pattern was put to use!
Talk about a good-looking group of kids! There are 3 of my kids in this group and the rest are cousins. See if you can pick mine out. This picture makes me laugh.

I am off in a couple of hours for Salt Lake City. See how I take care of you writing this pattern before I leave? Okay, I am totally procrastinating on packing, you got me. But I really do love my readers.

Enjoy the day.

best, susie

p.s. My son is a zebra in case you couldn't figure that out. I don't know why you couldn't, it is so life-like. And the answer is no, he didn't wear anything else for his costume.

p.p.s. Let me know if you find any mistakes. I literally wrote this from memory, which is never good, in a matter of minutes.