Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sock Report and a bit more

Hi, Knitters,
It's time for a sock update. Most all of these socks are made using my sock recipe. Click here for my free sock recipe information. See that pile of yarn, needles, socks in all states of finished-ness, and project bags? To some it may look overwhelming or maybe even not fun but to me that's about the best pile around.

I just simply love knitting socks, mostly of the plain sort. I carry them around with me everywhere I go. After I finish knitting the pair, which is so enjoyable, I love wearing the handknit socks even more. Last weekend I was at a swim meet and it was in the 50s and I wore wool handknit socks. I got lots of compliments, too. That was kind of funny.

I'll break the Sock Report down for you...

Yarn: Cakewalk Yarns Worsted Weight in the Brooklyn colorway (Shop is on hiatus while Rose, the talented dyer, moves from Michigan to Illinois over the summer.)
Needles: US 4 - Knitters Pride DPNS
State of progress: One sock completed, second sock on the heel flap (These are incredibly fast to knit with the worsted weight yarn.)
Project bag: Little Skein Red Riding Hood bag with red gingham inside (the. best!)
Special note: I will be sharing the worsted weight sock recipe as soon as I finish the pair. The first sock took 120 yards, 7-inch cuff, 9 1/2-inch foot.

Yarn: My own handspun from Moonshine Fiber Co. roving (no longer in business)
Needles: US 1 - Knit Picks DPNS
State of progress: One sock completed, second sock on the heel flap.
Project bag: A handmade gift from Becky (gathersnomoss - rav id)

Needles: US 1 Signature DPNS - 6-inch
Pattern: A new one I am working on that will have options! It's really cool.
State of progress: One sock finished, second sock on the cuff.

Yarn: Wee Skeins from Knitterly Things in Halloween colorways
Needles: US 1 - Knitter's Pride Karbonz 
State of progress: One cuff almost complete. Rewound and joined all of the mini-skeins together and will now just knit straight through.
Project Bag: Knitting Pipeline Retreat 2013 special bag made by Fat Squirrel Fibers.

Yarn: Cakewalk Yarns sock yarn in the Peppermint Bark colorway (shop is on hiatus while Rose, the dyer is moving from Michigan to Illinois) This yarn became insanely popular last holiday season. I just happened upon it early in the fall and picked up a skein, not knowing anything about the craze to come later.
Needles: US 1 - Knit Picks DPNS 
State of progress: Finished ribbing on one sock cuff and just started the stockinette part of the cuff.
Project bag: Sew Bendy on Etsy (great little bags - reasonably priced! cute bags in the shop right now!)

Yarn: HDYarns in the Dynamics colorway (shop is closed for the summer months - returning soon!)
Needles: US 1 Knit Picks DPNS
State of progress: Completed to the heel flap of the first sock.
Project bag: Sew Bendy on Etsy (check out the cute bicycle bag in the shop right now!)

Yarn: Desert Vista Dyeworks Sock Yarn in the Tiki Bar colorway  (Susan, the dyer, is taking orders for this 6 striping sock yarn now!)
Needles: US 1 Knit Picks DPNS
State of progress: On the foot of the first sock (very fun to knit!)
Project bag: SSK 2013 bag from Fat Squirrel Fibers

Yarn: Opal Vincent Van Gogh in The Bridge colorway - I love this one so much. I couldn't find a link for you. Van Gogh Opal has been discontinued and is getting harder to find.
Needles: US 1 Knit Picks DPNS 
State of progress: One sock finished, second sock on the gusset
Project Bag: stored in the same Fat Squirrel Fibers bag - holds 2 sock projects.

At the SSK Retreat Market I purchased this slick dpn holder by Jelby on Etsy. There are two rubber ends held together by clear stretchy elastic strands. At the center is an adorable hand-felted sheep. I think she is calling them flock locks - not entirely sure about that. I also think Jelby is going to be at Stitches Midwest if you are attending that event.

Here is a closer view of the adorable felted sheep button at the center. I like this handy holder as my dpns often poke through my bags and this will prevent that from happening.

Now for a couple of odds and ends.

I have sewn 6 fleece penguins with our swim team initials on the tummies. These are for my girls' little swimming buddies and friends on the team. The big All-City meet is coming up in a couple of days.

TC found the free sewing pattern on the internet. I tried to find to link for you but couldn't find it again. We googled "penguin craft images" and she found it in there somewhere. It was a very simple and sweet pattern, which I love, and there wasn't much instruction included. Someone had scanned hand-drawn pattern pieces which we printed out and then cut out the fabric. I modified it quite a bit in the end. I used both machine and hand-stitching to make the penguins. We used poly-pellets and fiber-fill for stuffing. They sit nicely and they feel so good to hold. 

I made 6 stuffed fleece penguins total. I already had the fleece fabric from a huge 50% off sale at JoAnn's a long time ago. I was happy to use it up. The letters are in red glitter felt that TC picked up recently at JoAnn's. Red is the team color and penguins are the team mascot. They are perfect!

I loved sewing these stuffed toys and I hope the kids love them. One is for TC to keep, of course. I feel like making my own line of fleece hand-sewn/machine sewn stuffies now I had so much fun making these and they were so easy and fast. 

Would you mind hand-drawn pattern pieces? I love that home-y style of stuff but I don't know if others are bothered by it.

And last but not least, I still need to block my beautiful Lullaby Rain Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle of The Knitting Pipeline. I will get to that very soon. I love looking at it unblocked. I know it is going to grow so big when blocked and that I can't wait to see. This is surely going to be a new favorite shawl. The yarn is Quince & Co. Chickadee in Frank's Plum.

My oldest son and I headed out to a nearby prairie to photograph my next shawl pattern that is coming out soon through a very cool and innovative yarn/fiber/wheel company called, Infinite Twist. You are all going to be able to purchase the worsted weight handspun (yes, handspun!) yarn kits with the shawl pattern! I'm so excited about this project. You can contact Cate Carter to let her know if you might be interested in ordering when it is released. I know she is revving up right now. I don't have all of the details yet but it is coming soon. Click here to email Cate!

We got some gorgeous photos! It was a breathtaking day out there in the nature. I can't wait to share them with you and the pattern, too.

Happy Tuesday!
best, susie