Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Little Corner

Hi Knitters,
No matter how hard I try to keep my tiny little studio space clean and tidy it never lasts long. Piles start forming on the floor, needles are strewn about, yarn and yarn labels are everywhere. And there I sit in my little corner of the world, smack dab in the middle of the mess working away like mad.
A short while ago I bought a pack of three canvas bags at Jo Ann's. I thought it would be fun to take a cheap canvas bag and turn it into a mini-work of art. I have a bunch of stacks of fat quarters that I ordered from here and some other odds and ends of fabric. I get to visit Spool which is right next to Loops in Philadelphia in March. Can't wait!
I made pockets and lined the inside of the bag. This is where my measuring skills leave something to be desired. The lining turned out a bit shorter than the canvas bag. I turned my error into a really cool design feature. I found a piece of coordinating fabric and I folded it in half. I ran stitch lines across and down to create a fun texture. I stitched it on to the top of the lining so it would stick out of the bag. How cute is that?
It looks so cool. I cut the measly original straps and covered and added on some fun fabric straps so I could wear the bag over my shoulder. Before I put in the lining, I sewed a checkerboard pattern with a pink thread on the canvas. Also, I cut out a few squares and stitched them on the thread pattern. The edges will fray with time, which I adore.
I have to have pockets no matter what. I added two good sized pockets in opposite fabrics on each side of the lining. As I was sewing I noticed my studio getting messier and messier. Sewers must have a lot of mess to keep up with. How do they do it?
The bag stands up so nicely. I love the little gap at the sides, it gives it a little character. The canvas forms like an outer shell.I love the mismatch of it all. Always will. The only time I don't mind ironing is when I am sewing.
What is it about canvas? It's so clean and natural and blank.

Stay tuned to see what I whipped up with some adorable kitchen towels...
On a side note, we made our annual marshmallow snowmen for The Collector's class. They are so fun. 3 marshmallows stacked on a sucker stick, dipped in melted white chocolate (the kind of chocolate discs from Vanilla Bean (Madison people) that melt in the microwave).
Mini-chocolate chips for faces and buttons. Fruit roll-ups make the scarves and a Rolo with a Peach Ring adhered with white frosting top it all off.
We wrapped up the treats in cellophane bags with a golden twisty tie.
Someone was very pleased which makes it all worthwhile!

Have a good rest of the week.
best, susie