Friday, April 03, 2009

I Gotta Baby Model!

Hi Knitters,
Guess who was at my door wearing a really cute dress? That's right, a baby stopped by who is just the right size to wear the Baby Slouch Hat. I love a baby in a dress, always. My neighbor popped over with her gorgeous, sweet daughter to try on the Baby Slouch. 

I had to shoot fast and furiously, she has a lot of bouncy energy. I wish the camera had been at a straighter angle for the shot, that's the photographer's (me) fault. She is a real beauty and those big blue eyes? Dreamy.
This adorable little sweetheart is 5 1/2 months old and the hat I made is for 0-6 months. I think the sizing is right on the money. The hat looks super-duper cute on her.
These shots are better than the doll shots any day. Thanks to the little sweetheart and her sweet mom for coming on by!

Have a good day, Knitters. Off into the weekend we go!
best, susie