Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back Home to Mama

Hi Knitters,
Well, I got my sweater back. It is just as I remembered it. My sister told me I had told her I didn't want it back and she could just get rid of it. She hung on to it for some reason and now we are getting a good laugh out of it. In case you missed it, I knitted this sweater around 1985 from a Very Easy, Very Vogue pattern from Vogue Knitting. I had just found an old picture of me wearing it and I was flooded with memories. I really loved this sweater at the time.

You have to admit, it's a lot of bang for your buck. You get the complete look coming and going. The sleeves are super short which I highly doubt was planned. It is good for a petite girl (that's just a nice way to say short) like me.

I had mentioned how I twisted my purl stitches when I first learned to knit. You can see that this entire sweater was completed with twisted purl stitches which isn't a good thing. The fabric looks so funny.

Here is the best part. My sister and I laughed so hard. Shoulder pads! Yes, I had sewn in some matching pink shoulder pads to complete that 80's look. That is too good. I had no recollection of this final blow.

Okay, I found a few cool things. Here, here and here: I am not alone, funnyfunny interview and lovelovelove the buttons.

best, susie


Jennifer said...

That's great. I love the shoulder pads. That confirms its creation in the 80s. How adorable. I'm glad your sister saved it.

Betz White said...

Ha! That reminds me so much of a sweater mini-dress I used to have. It was pink and black patterned: dots on the front and left sleeve, stripes on the back(!) and right sleeve. I thought it was pretty new wave. I wore it in high school with pink tights and black patent tuxedo flats! Ack!

Becky Holmes said...

I am impressed that it still fits you. I do not believe I could squeeze into any garment that I owned in the 1980's.

Hilary said...

All you need now is a fanny pack, spandex leggings, and hot pink hand-knit legwarmers. Oh, and a spiral perm in a side ponytail. :-D

Tracy Batchelder said...

I think one of the greatest things about all these old sweaters is that they still fit you. Way to go!

Alice Regan said...

This is so funny! I mean the sweater looks fantastic, but the story is so funny!

Anonymous said...

OK, those shoulder pads are HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing.

Tif said...

That would look so awesome with a huge pink scrunchie!! You would look, like, so hot. :)