Saturday, September 15, 2018

Counting Ridges Mitten Pattern & Kits!

Hi, Knitters,
First, we are having a huge pattern sale on Barrett Wool Co.! 40% off all patterns through September 21, 2018 using the code FALL at checkout! 

This pattern sale includes patterns like Little Dino, Mermaids, Mitten patterns, Sleepy Kitten Set, Three French Hens, Bear and a Bunny Suit, Holiday Charm Set, Owen Hat, and Cabled Gigi to name a few.

Second, I have a new pattern, which is included in the pattern sale, and a new kit! The new mittens are called Counting Ridges Mittens. 

Here is a little information on the bulky weight on mitten pattern:

What could be easier than casting on and counting ridges until you have completed an adorable, squishy garter stitch mitten? Nothing much! This bulky yarn mitten pattern is one of my favorites because it is incredibly quick to knit, it fits so well and it’s so easy to memorize. I’ve provided five sizes from toddler to adult-large. That should cover most anyone from babies, kids, teens to adults. You can, of course, easily modify the lengths of the cuffs, hands, and thumbs to suit your preferences. There is something so classic, cozy and old-fashioned about these Counting Ridges Mittens. I know you will fall in love with knitting, gifting and wearing them.
Let the mitten-knitting season begin!

The kit includes our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Bulky Twist yarn wound in a ready to cast on cake and in lots of color choices, the pattern, and our signature stitch marker tin. The pattern comes in five sizes, baby through adult-large.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope you enjoy the new pattern and or kit! These really are the squishiest, simplest mittens around. 
xo ~ susan


Unknown said...

Do you have a hat pattern that would match the Counting Ridge Mitten pattern? Thinking about gift sets.

Unknown said...

Do you have a hat pattern that would match the Counting Ridge Mitten pattern? Thinking about gift sets.

Teniesha Collins said...

Love the colour of the mittens!! Would be perfect for my babe thats on the way! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes from Canada,
-Teni :D

Judy said...

I ordered the kit immediately, and it arrived this afternoon. I was so excited!!! I redeemed the pattern code on my iPad, thinking I would load it into Knit Companion, but the pattern disappeared....and as you know once the pattern code has been redeemed, it is no longer any good. I hope you can help me with this. The yarn is lovely and I want to start knitting these mittens for my grand daughter.

Also, how can I purchase more yarn for other family members? I don't see it available on your website.

Thanks Susan,

Judy Carpenter

Susan B. Anderson said...

Please send Evan an email at about your pattern issues.

The yarn is sold out right now. We will get more in the future and will list it again in the shop!

Take care and thanks for writing!

Judy said...

Thank you Susan!
Evan helped me out immediately! I am so impressed with your customer service.👍🏻😀
I’ll keep a watch out in the shop for more yarn.
Congrats on such a popular yarn, pattern, and shop!

Judy Carpenter