Friday, February 20, 2015

New Pattern ~ Little Owl and much more!

Hi Knitters,
I have a brand new downloadable pattern for you up on Ravelry today! Little Owl is available for purchase. You don't have to be a member of Ravelry to purchase patterns.

I want to share a discount code for the new Little Owl pattern today since it is a brand new Ravelry download. The discount will be good from Feb. 20-27th, 2015.

The discount code for $1.00 off is: OWL

Little Owl is a 4 1/2-inch tall seamless, bottom-up toy, knit in worsted weight yarn. The wings and feet are picked up and knit onto the body. The eyes are felt and I used a quarter to trace around to get the circle. It is a quick knit and perfect for using up leftover worsted weight yarn, less than 100 yards is needed.

I also want to start today off with my new exciting news. I have been added to Alana Dakos' (of the Never Not Knitting podcast and designing fame) selected designers for her NNK Press printing and distribution company. NNK Press is a really innovative wholesale printed pattern line for yarn shops. Alana hand-selects and curates the patterns she carries along with her own patterns and books like Botanical Knits and then markets them to local yarn shops all over the country and beyond. Other pattern lines she is now carrying besides my patterns are from some recognizable favorites like Quince & Co., Maddermade's Carrie Bostick-Hoge and Hannah Fettig's Knitbot. I am thrilled to be included to say the least.

I have worked hard for the past few months on getting these five patterns whipped into shape for NNK Press and I am proud of how great they turned out. We will be adding more patterns to the print line as time goes on.
The coolest thing about the printed patterns, besides the crystal clear lay-out and photography, is that every pattern has a scratch off code that allows the buyer to get the downloadable pdf pattern on Ravelry. This is genius! If you purchase the printed pattern you are also automatically getting the digital pdf on Ravelry. 

I am so excited to finally have 5 patterns currently available from NNK Press in beautiful, high quality printed form for yarn shops to purchase and carry in their shops. If you are a shop owner and are interested in carrying my patterns or any of the patterns discussed please check out NNK Press to find out more. 

Alana and NNK Press are at Stitches West market this weekend in booths #1039 and #1041. If you are attending please pop in to see all of Alana's offerings.

The following are the other patterns that have been added to Alana's NNK Press pattern line, all are available for purchase on Ravelry through my pattern shop as well:

I love this back view of the Milk Cow!

This pattern includes the Elephant, Bunny and Hippo and the sweater! 

Here's the whole NNK Press bunch together. These toys are all in a trunk show at the NNK booth (#1039 and #1041) at Stitches West right now!

Alana sent me these fun photos from her Stitches West booth going on right now! The patterns are available for purchase at the NNK booth.

Here's another photo from Alana from her booth at Stitches West.

Enjoy the discount code: OWL for $1.00 off the purchase price for my new Little Owl pattern on Ravelry!

Have a great weekend. I am teaching all weekend at the Madison Knit In. I am so excited to see my students right here in my hometown. I am doing a book signing at lunch one of the days (not sure which yet). I love being able to go home after a long day of teaching to be with my family and sleep in my own bed. What a treat!
xo ~ susan
p.s. Here's a little behind the scenes look into our photo shoot. It's a pretty fancy set-up.


Renee Anne said...

I wondered if those were yours...but I couldn't get near enough to the booth to find out! Perhaps tomorrow...

Stefanie said...

She had a booth at STITCHES West. I saw your cut pattern cards and some of your stuffies!

Holly said...

Congratulations on your new adventure. Thank you for sharing the pictures, the toys are adorable.

Beverly said...

Susan, I love the idea of the pattern cards and the free Ravelry download upon purchase. I will definitely purchase when visiting yarn shops. Also, I'll mention them next time I'm in my local yarn shop. Is there any chance there will be kits to go along with the patterns? That is something I would buy when traveling.


Amaris said...

I love your owl pattern! Now to decide which yarn to use... :)

Susan B. Anderson said...

not that i know of at this time but it's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute owl! I have a question that is not relevant to this blog... I am getting ready to do the ruffles on my #1 Yowza shawl. When it comes to picot bind off, is the tutorial in your blog, on September 2007?? I could use some help with that. Thank you.


Susan B. Anderson said...

Yes, my video is the same concept (it was an old camera... :) and it could give you the right idea.

I'm sure if you searched picot bind off there might be other videos as well on youtube.

Unknown said...

This isn't related to your blog post but your podcast and your issue with your hand, I didn't know where else to leave you a comment. I think what may have happened is that you ruptured a blood vessel, I think you said there is a bruise. I had that happen a couple months ago, it hurt really bad when it happened and got swollen, and then there was a big bruise, and then it just went away.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Thanks Beth! I think you may be correct. My hand is so much better today than yesterday so I am very hopeful it is going to go away quickly!

xo, susan

Unknown said...

These are adorable! Put store bought animals to shame!

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