Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Split Back Snowflake Hat, plus a traditional version! ~ Now Available!


Hi, Knitters,
I want to sincerely thank you for the overwhelming response to my pattern sale. It really was incredible and I am so appreciative of the support. This sale was only the second sale where I put my entire shop of patterns on a discount in the last 7 years. This type of sale is a rare occasion. Anyway, it was a record-setting sales week by far and that has been fun to see. Thank you.

Also, I am teaching at Fibre Space and having a book signing at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA, this weekend April 4-6th! Click here for my schedule.

Now onto to today's exciting new pattern release. The Split Back Snowflake Hat pattern has been long in the making, writing and releasing but I hope the time and effort put forth will make it worth the wait. I have knit three versions of this hat myself and I also had it test knit and tech-edited by an expert knitter and number-cruncher extraordinaire. Thank you, Kriste. The pattern is in tip-top shape.

I LOVE this hat to no end. I've included two versions for you in the pattern. 

Click here for more information or to purchase the Split Back Snowflake Hat! Remember you don't need to be a Ravelry member to purchase patterns through the site. All are welcome!

One version has the split at the back which is knit back and forth and then the hat is joined to work in the round. The split section creates earflaps! The hat is worn slightly tipped back on the head so the split fits snuggly at the base of your head or the top of your neck in the back.

It's a great modern looking hat as you can see. I have provided specific instructions for the twisty top ties that are added to the corners of the earflaps. 

Here is a look at the hat from the front view. The model is my beautiful and stylish 24 year-old niece. She loves both versions of this hat so much. I think I will have to give one to her or make another for her. Both hats look terrific on her.

Above is the more traditional-style version of the hat, directions are also included in the pattern. It has a ribbed brim instead of the cabled and split back brim. The brim can be worn cuffed so the hat is more beanie-style and fitted.

 Or the brim can be worn un-cuffed to make a slouchier-style hat. I love it either way!

The yarn is Owl by Quince & Co. Leave it to Quince to come up with the best blend of alpaca and wool I have ever worked with, it's incredible! Owl is a pleasure to knit up and then after it is washed it blooms and forms a soft halo and it becomes soft and beautiful. I am in love with this yarn!

You need 2 skeins of the main color and 1 skein of the contrast color for both hats. Both hats are sporting a 16 gram pom-pom which is of course optional and could be taken into consideration for the amount of yarn. The split back version also has optional twisty rope ties that use up a bit of yarn.

Here is some information you might like to know about these hats:

The Snowflake Chart used in this hat is from Mary Jane Mucklestone’s book, 150 Scandinavian Motifs, chart #98 on page 102. Other motifs from this book could be used in this pattern. Purchase of this book is highly recommended!
Finished size: One size to fit a 20 to 24-inch head circumference. The finished hats (both versions) are very stretchy and will fit a large child to an adult man or woman. The model has a 22-inch head circumference.
Quince and Co. Owl (50% American Wool, 50% American Alpaca; 120 yards/50grams)
Split Back Version (The blue hat is split is at the back of the neck and forms earflaps):
Main Color (MC): 2 skeins in Cerulean #315
Contrast Color (CC): 1 skein in Elf #303
Traditional Version (The grayish/oatmeal hat has no split in the back, and a ribbed brim):
Main Color (MC): 2 skeins in Elf #303
Contrast Color (CC): 1 skein in Cerulean #315
Both hats have a 3-inch pom-pom that weighs about 16 grams and uses both of the colors used in the hat.
Split Back Version:
US size 5 – 24-inch circular needles
US size 6 – 16-inch circular needles
US size 6 double-pointed needles or preferred method to work the top of the hat decreases
Traditional Version:
US size 5 – 16-inch circular needles
US size 6 – 16-inch circular needles
US size 6 double-pointed needles or preferred method to work the top of the hat decreases
Always check for correct gauge and use the correct needle sizes for you.
5 ½ stitches per inch: Using the larger needles (US size 6 for the samples) and stockinette stitch in the round
Click here to purchase the pattern (both hats are in included in the pattern) or to find out more! 

Above in the photo is the first version of the hat I knit up. I made this one out of my handspun yarn. I spun this yarn from a batt from JoAnna of Knit Spin Farm. It was an exciting spin for me so I quickly knit it up into a split back hat with cables. It has been a well-worn hat this past winter.

What a great hat!

Also, don't forget that if you'd like to change the motif Mary Jane Mucklestone's book, 150 Scandinavian Motifs, is an excellent resource for charts and patterns. You just have to increase or decrease the stitch count in the body of the hat to fit the chart or modify the chart to fit the numbers. It's really fun to do this! The snowflake motif used in these hats is from this book.

Please enjoy! I'd love to see photos of your Split Back hats. You can get a jump start for next fall/winter or if you live in a climate like me where on April 1st it is in the 20s and there are snowflakes in the air you can still wear it right now. 

Please don't forget to come and say hello if you are in the area, April 4-6th, at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA. I am teaching three workshops on Saturday and Sunday and on Friday night I have a book signing/meet and greet! I can't wait. I think there are still a couple of spots open, maybe?

best, susie


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This hat i great! I think I will knit it next winter ;)

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I love it and can't wait to make it!

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Love it!

AnnM said...

Love it!

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I'm so excited about the workshops this weekend! Looking forward to learning and knitting a lot! -greg, aka <a href="http://KnittingDaddy.com</a>Knitting Daddy</a>

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I LOVE this hat. I'll definitely be making one!

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OMGOSH! I LOVE this hat! Will definitely be making this one, Susie. Another winner!!!

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