Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Designs in Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2013


Hi, Knitters,
Last fall of 2012, I got a design request from Knit Simple Magazine. I can rarely say no to this magazine and the lovely people who work there because all of it is so good. I love Knit Simple Magazine for its accessibility and for the doable, clean, simple designs offered season after season. This magazine is one that is loved by yarn shops because it flies off the shelf as soon as it gets to the door. At least that's what I've heard from yarn shop owners on my travels.

So when asked by Knit Simple, I say yes. They usually have something specific in mind for me. This time it was a girl's top of some sort, a child's bunny hat and some girl-size leg warmers. That sounded like a fun challenge. All three were due in mid-December if I remember correctly. 

Here is what happens from there. I send sketches to the good editors at Soho Publishing and wait to hear back. After the sketches are approved the yarn editor tells you what yarn company and specific yarn you need to choose from for the designs. After I select the colors and they are approved I get a big box of yarn in the mail and it is time to get to work. This all goes pretty quickly.

Below are the photos of the sketches I sent off to the editors. I love what I get to design. It's pure fun for me.

With everything in order, I first got busy designing a girl-size top. I had looked up standard measurements for a 4-6 year old girl thinking that if it was a little big on the 4 year-old it could be worn more as a tunic and then more as a top as the child gets older. I love how this sweet little top turned out.  The small details make it. 

Here is the finished Tank Top on my child-size dress form. I made it for a young girl maybe around 5 years-old. It can be worn with or without a t-shirt underneath. I think it turned out great. 

You start from the bottom and knit in one-piece until you get to the armhole, separate for the front and the back working one side at a time and then finish with a 3-needle bind off at the shoulders. It's so simple and fun to knit. I added a smattering of sweet lazy-daisy flowers on the bottom front. 

The tank top is to be loose-fitting at the bottom and sort of an empire line with the garter stitch dividing the bottom from the top.

I love how the garter detail adds to the design.

(Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2013, photo by Jack Deutsch)

The model is adorable as is the skirt but I do think the top is too small for this girl. As I look at the sizes for the Tank Top in the magazine it looks like they added more sizes which is great! I knit it in a size 4-5T and this girl, gorgeous and cute, looks a bit older than that. I think they removed the flower embroidery, too.

All is good and I think it is a really cute, sweet photo. I just want you to know the details if you decide to knit this cute, simple Tank Top for a little girl in your life. It is a very fun and fast knit.

Here is the pattern information:
#23 Tank Top
Designer: Susan B. Anderson
For sizes: Child 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Yarn Information: Schachenmayr Select/Westminster Fibers Violena
Amounts: 3 (3, 4, 4, 5) balls in #01605 lilac

Now I have designed a few bunny hats in my day and doing one more is all good by me! A simple, fun bunny hat is never a miss in my book. Kids like animal hats and they always look cute in them, adults like to look at kids in bunny hats, photographs are made better when wearing bunny hats.... you can't go wrong.

This hat is knit in cotton but would work great in wool or a wool blend as well.  The ears are knit separately in pieces, thus the pink inner ear, and are then stitched onto the hat. I made the ears extra-long and floppy this time just for fun. 

I added a simple embroidered face which really adds to the cuteness factor.

The hat is 20-inches in circumference but could easily be made smaller to fit a baby. 

(Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2013, photo by Jack Deutsch)

Here is the pattern information from the magazine:
#22 Bunny Hat
Designer: Susan B. Anderson
For sizes: Toddler, Child
Yarn Information: Coats & Clark Creme de la Creme
Amounts: 1 skein each in #105 Ivory and #710 Pale Pink, small amount in #12 Black

Cute photo, cute girl (love her hair) and a cute stuffed bunny to boot! I love how this project turned out.

Next up, I made a simple pair of ribbed leg warmers in a child-size. These could fit a young child, around 3 or 4 all the way up to an older child. The rib really makes them stretchy and flexible as far as sizing goes.

I love the simplicity of this design and stripes are always a good thing.

(Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2013, photo by Jack Deutsch)

I think they look great as styled in the photo and would also be cute over tights and under boots or worn to dance class. They could be knit up in school or team colors, too, and would be a great gift knit!

Here is the pattern information from the magazine:
 #25 Leg Warmers
Designer: Susan B. Anderson
For Sizes: Child
Yarn Information: Berroco Comfort
Amounts: 1 skein each in #9780 Dried Plum, #9730 Teaberry, #9702 Pearl, #9729 Smokestack

After I finished these projects, I got a request to knit up a toy for the Noro Magazine published by the same Soho Publishing team. I jumped at the chance and will share that project as soon as I get word from them that it is out. 

Click here for the Noro Magazine website to find out more! Warning: you will want to get this magazine after looking at the website. It is beautiful and who doesn't love Noro? It says the new magazine with my toy will be out June 5th, 2013, something to look forward to.

I think it is wonderful that Soho Publishing offers such a wide variety of knitting magazines. We, as knitters, should continue to support and love our knitting magazines because they offer so much in the form of patterns, reviews, introducing new products and yarns, designer features, and even for hosting events like Vogue Knitting Live. This is all the same company and it all goes hand in hand.

I'll be back with my own new book debut! I apologize for the delay on this, I've been a little busy.... it's coming. Thank you, ahead of time, for the support of my new book. I am getting the nicest comments and emails and messages from people all over the world about it. That's so encouraging.

One last reminder, I'll be in Colorado on Wednesday, April 17th, to teach an evening workshop at The Loopy Ewe in Ft. Collins, Thursday April 18th I'll be at The Loopy Ewe all morning for a book signing and meet and greet, and then on to teaching at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling retreat.

I have to say the owner, Sheri Berger, is one amazing organizer. She takes care of everything and I mean everything. I am so impressed. Sheri is on the ball like nobody's business. It's no wonder she is so successful and that there is a waiting list for her annual retreat. It makes you feel good to work for someone like that. Thank you, Sheri, for your hard work on behalf of the knitting community.

Here is the contact info for the shop:

Click here for The Loopy Ewe website! I've shopped here for years and years. The customer service and selection is incredible.

The Loopy Ewe
2720 Council Tree Ave, Ste 255
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80525
Toll-free – (888) 527-9181
Local – (970) 568-5290

I hope to see some of you there. I'll share it all when I get back.

Happy Sunday, Knitters!
best, susie


Anonymous said...

I love that you shared your design process with all of us. It amazing to see how your simple sketches evolved into such lovely knits!
I would love to get more sneak peeks into your sketchbook ; )
are you enjoying snow this morning I live a little south of you and we have snow on the ground this morning.

Zenitude said...

You work hard for your success but its wonderful to see that you enjoy every step. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I want the vest! :)

cockney blonde said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs. Its a shame the top was modelled on an older child as I loved the 'dress' size and really think the embroidered flowers finishes it off, x

Julia said...

This is so fun! You're designs are lovely, and I love reading about the whole idea-to-print process!!

Unknown said...

The bunny hat is the cutest hat ever, Susan! I love it!

Creative Design said...

Susan, I love your posts that show a little behind the scenes. I agree that the model is a bit old for the top and the little flowers would have made it so special. All great projects with that Susan B. distinctive look!


Creative Design said...

Susan, I love your posts that show a little behind the scenes. I agree that the model is a bit old for the top and the little flowers would have made it so special. All great projects with that Susan B. distinctive look!


kait-knits said...

Thanks for sharing! So fun to see the life cycle of a published knitting pattern. Makes me want to try making my own patterns one day :-)

kendraja said...

I can't wait to get my Knit Simple and knit that little tank top for my DD! She'll love the lilac color especially if there's pink flowers added!
Thanks for explaining the process. So interesting!

Anonymous said...

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