Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Quiet Sunday Project

Hi Knitters,
Here is a short viewing of what I am doing this lovely and quiet February Sunday. It involves fingering weight cashmere and a crochet hook.

Click here to see the project I am making.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you get some quiet time, too.
best, susie


Sam I Am...... said...

It is a quiet Sunday and your video was quiet too except for the "squishing of the wool" sound. Love your yarn better than the pink grey combo PurlSoho featured. I am giving up turtlenecks and going with cowls or maybe I can do both. My neck gets so cold and I'm not sure why as there's not much of one. I'm not trying to cover up chicken skin although I have that too but I'm just trying to stay warm! LOL! And crochet! Finally, something I can do! Ha! Ha! I am coming along with my oven mitt though and I am going to get good at knitting...if I live long enough. You're my role model and inspiration along with my knitting teacher, and Jodie from
PEACE be with you and with your crocheting and knitting.

Pixiepurls said...

I love crochet for these sort of projects, and blankets!! lovely. Love the color you picked too!

Lis said...

A quiet sunday and your movie is quet to. Time to refleksion. Thanks.


Stefanie said...

Good for you on treating yourself to come cashmere!

Naycha said...

I don't know how to crochet anything more than a chain, so I'm not certain about the mechanics and the proper way to hold the hook, etc. But I was curious after seeing your video....are you a lefty or is it typical of crocheters to hold the hook in the left hand?!

Carol said...

Nice quiet time video--how refreshing. Makes me wonder if anyone has ever made a video of just a couple knitters sitting and chatting and knitting (other than video podcasts, that is).

You must have been cold as you're bundled into a zipped up polartec? fleece? top--what? no owl sweater today :)??

Speattle said...


Anonymous said...

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