Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Wild

Hi Knitters,
I have to share the photos my son's girlfriend, Miss Molly, sent to show me her finished Another Flower Headband in action. It's fun to see one of your designs in the wild! My son took these photos of her with his phone.

She was so cute when I put this pattern up for purchase. She immediately wanted to make one for herself. Her brother and my other son are on the same high school swim team so I met her at a swim meet with the pattern, yarn and needles for the headband. That's still the left over yarn from my Owls cardigan. 

She started knitting right away at the meet. By the end of the week she had finished the entire thing. I helped her stitch the flower on the side and gave it a good wash and blocking. Since she's down on campus walking around for much of the day I stitched in a stretchy store-bought headband on the inside to keep her ears extra warm.

Miss Molly has told me that she has gotten lots and lots of compliments on her new handknit headband. I love it that she loves it so much and that she made it! She is a determined young knitter and when she wants to make something, she just does it. That's such a good personality trait to have.

Plus, isn't she just cute? I love the old campus buildings in the background, too.

Click here for more information on the Another Flower Headband pattern.

The winner of Tanis Gray's Capitol Knits is ashestoashes (rav id) or Jennifer! Congratulations to Jennifer! Thank you to everyone who entered. I'll do another review and giveaway very soon.

I'm working on a new design to help use up your left over sock yarn (of which I have tons)! It's pretty darn cute. More on that one later.
best, susie


Sara said...

And on the blog page you and Miss Molly are across from each other in your headbands. Too cute!

Stefanie said...

She is cute. I like the vintage wash over the pics. Handmade is so much betta!

barb said...

Adorable, Miss Molly and the headband.
Sara, LOL! Great eye. I wouldn't have noticed Susan and Miss Molly's photos across from each other. Too cute!


Suzanne said...

So much good in this post!

Anonymous said...

She is cute! I love seeing the headband in use! Can't wait to find out what to do with my sock yarn!

Barb said...

Miss Molly is adorable and so cute in her hand knit headband! I love that she's a fearless knitter, too - jumps right in!

Thanks for sharing. It's so cute - the two of you acrosss

Dorothy said...

This is such a cute post. And it mkes me miss Madison and the campus all the more!