Sunday, December 04, 2011

A-Treeing We Will Go

Hi Knitters,
We cut down a tree and brought it on home. The whole crew was able to gather up to go pick our Christmas tree today. I was glad to have everyone around. It sure doesn't look like winter in Madison. There's no snow and instead we had mud. It rained all night last night. I don't remember cutting a tree down in mud before. I prefer the snow by far.
There's that Surefire Hat again. He has two and swaps them out but always has one of them on everyday. He is a good and helpful one always jumping right in to get involved. I love that.
I now have 22 photos of my husband cutting down the Christmas tree and they all look pretty much like this one. This year the tree cut through so quickly. It was an easy time.
The stripped pine cones looked so unusual and ornamental on the tree branches. 
What a group. They make every outing a memory with lots of laughs and silliness. L.O.V.E. them.
It looks like a fall day much more than a winter day in Wisconsin, particularly in December. It is strange. It wasn't even that cold, maybe 36 degrees.

TC in her TC's Cozy hat (free pattern found on Spud says! or Ravelry)

Peachy wore her new Bella's Mitts. They are her favorite thing now (she told me so).
Peachy also wore her Twilight Hat that I knit for her last fall.

Peachy in her Twilight Hat and my eldest in his new Surefire Hat made in Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter. This is a true meeting of the minds.

I put up a new header on the blog. I have heard some very kind and positive feedback. I'll tell you more about the photo and a couple of new things on the blog in the next post.

For now, have a happy Monday.
best, susie


Renee Anne said...

I was thinking the same thing about our lack of snow.

Seriously, I'm taking Puppy outside in December and it's pouring rain (okay, it was last night). Now, granted, I'd much rather have rain than snow but this is a little silly. It's December. We should have snow.

I'm jealous of all your kids' hats. Then again, I have a bunch of hats.

Speaking of hats, how do you store them, particularly in the summer?

Sally said...

Beautiful photo for your banner! I love it!

Megan said...

I was telling my kids a few days ago about how your family "goes into the woods and cuts down their very own tree". They were amazed!
Ours comes right out of the box and springs open like something from Dr. Seuss :).
Hey, we live in the sandy desert...where 36 degrees is deathly, deathly cold.
Happy Holidays!!

Unknown said...

Susan, you must feel so proud seeing all your kids wearing your handknits! I know I feel so happy when I see Alan running around in my handknit hats and sweaters!

Betz White said...

Love the new banner!

Unknown said...

i hope my kids love the knitted things i'll make them as much as yours do!

Sara said...

Lovely post, Susan...

Stefanie said...

I noticed it right away! Great new header.
How fun to go off and cut down your own tree. Love how your ohana has that tradition.

Barb said...

these photos are just the best!! I love that you have 22 yrs, of pictures of your husband cutting the tree - how cool is that? And I love that everyone is wearing knitted hats - it's only fitting, You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with us!

muffinandme said...

When we lived on a property just outside of Canberra (Australia)each year my husband used to take the children on a feral Christmas tree hunt. You see in Australia the main source of softwood comes from plantations of Pinus Radiata (the Monterey Pine) and there were quite a few of these near us. We had univited saplings from these all over the place and thus the feral Xmas tree hunt. I absolutely love the smell of a real pine tree. It really says Xmas to me, even if our Christmas usually features temperatures in the 80s or 90s and more often prawns or lobster rather than turkey. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

All my best

Jocelyn House

Kristy said...

Love it. Love seeing your family all decked out in hand-knits!

jaala said...

We got our tree at the same farm last weekend! No snow, but we decided we would try to have extra holiday spirit to try to make up for it.