Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Hi Knitters,
Y is for this yarn I love.
A is for the lovely Ana who sent me this green beauty from her shop! (click here)
R is for Ana's Ravelry page!

N is for my never-ending appreciation!

Thanks to Ana for sharing her cashmere/superwash merino/nylon Cashmere Sock Party yarn with me. It is a gorgeously generous skein with 438 yards of green squishy goodness. I wish you could all give it a squeeze. It's that good. I will knit it up very, very soon and share. Love the little bag Ana sent, too. She has other yarns available as well.

Check out Art-by-Ana and give her some love!
Here is a 94 yard hank of Sunshine Yarns Winter Song plied with Frabjous Fibers Cottage Garden roving. It looks like candy and I kind of love it. A lot. It will become a hat for sure. Maybe a crocheted hat even.
I have about 350 yards or so of the Cottage Garden (the two hanks on the bottom) spun up. I think I might knit the shawl called, Handspun Delight Shawlette by Susanne Visch, with it. What do you think? Click here to see the pattern!
I've been spending many hours at the orthodontist office lately and I knit up this scarf while I was sitting and waiting. I knit with the giant hank of Winter Song I spun. I had a lot of trouble with breaking while I was spinning this and I also had trouble getting anything even going at all but I love it anyway. These problems are totally due to my skill level, not the roving at all. Sunshine Yarns Roving is wonderful. I need to become way more wonderful at spinning to do it justice. I will keep on trying.
Anyway, the My So Called Scarf pattern was the perfect pattern for my lumpy bumpy yarn. The woven look of the fabric highlights the texture of the yarn in the best way. I love it and the colors are lovely. Click here for the free pattern for this scarf. You should make one of these, it is a fun stitch pattern.

Hey, we are having a winter blizzard warning tonight. I got to the grocery store this afternoon to make sure our bare cupboards were full before the snow hits. Hoping for a snow day for school and work tomorrow with the family. I love it when everything comes to a halt and we are all stuck together at home for a day. It's like a mini-vacation in the middle of the week.

I hope you are all warm and safe.
best, susie


Barb said...

We're on winter storm watch here in s.e. Michigan too for tonight! You can just sort of 'feel' then anticipation in the air - very strange.

Your site is so much fun! You always, always, always share so much amazing, fun things. Thanks!!

Renee Anne said...

Oh Susan, keep praying for a snow day. You know Madison hardly ever has snow days...and every surrounding school district bases what they do on what Madison does (unless they have buses that go into the country). I'm expecting my husband to stay home from work tomorrow (he works for the Janesville School District)...and maybe even Thursday.

Tell me again why we live in southern Wisconsin...

Suze said...

I'm with you about snow days! So cozy. I just wish the corporate world (with whom my husband is employed) would agree. They don't get to miss work no matter how dangerous it is to get there :(

And we got our snow day!

pat said...

Darn it - I live in the Twin Cities and it's gone south........... enjoy the day!

Leanne (Lunatic84) said...

I love your handspun! It is beautiful. I've been slightly obsessed with the Sunshine roving people since you posted about them the other day. I'm going to have to save my pennies to get some! Have you seen the new batts from Knitpicks? They look beautiful!

Stefanie said...

All of the yarns are awesome! Cashmere? Oooh... The second one does look like candy, sweet-sugar-and -spice candy. The one you had spun has such character and yes, you picked out the perfect pattern for it to highlight its texture and colorway.
I hope you're all snuggled in together tomorrow. Wow, a snowstorm; that is a bit unfathomable for me as all we usually get here is fog and rain and hot spells now and then.

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Love the shawlette! I say go for it!

Blizzard here too! (Northern MI)

Miss Julep said...

Your hand spun looks beautiful and VERY warm, just the thing for the weather y'all are having. I agree about the unexpected days off with the family and remember similar situations in my own family quite fondly. Stay warm up there!

Julie P. said...

That blizzard system ran across our state (Oklahoma) yesterday. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!