Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Hi Knitters,
First off, I was interviewed for the Math 4 Knitters podcast espisode 30 and it is now up.

Math 4 Knitters is also available on itunes.

We popped TC's garden stone out of the mold. She is pleased. The stars glow in the dark so we spent some time in the bathroom with the door closed for an exclusive star-viewing. TC has been a busy girl this summer.
Her swim team had a tie-dying gathering yesterday. Before we went to the gathering we looked up folding techniques to try. Here is the link for the tie dye folding!
She got a good variety of designs. After these are washed the colors always fade significantly. It is fun to see them all bright and in the sun.
As we view the tie dyed shirts I have some other fun things to share. I just posted a fun little free pattern called, Butterflies, on Spud says!

It is a very sweet and fast little project to say the least. About half an hour after I posted the pattern someone on Ravelry had already posted a finished Butterfly Ring. She said it took her 20 minutes from beginning to end. Now her daughter won't take it off! Love that! What a perfect summer surprise.
This next link has nothing to do with anything but I stumbled across it and it just made me laugh. Take a look here at The Pioneer Woman's blog for a good laugh! I hope you find it funny, too.
Next, I ran across about the best looking porch I have ever seen. The mosaic table and rag rug are two of my all-time favorite items in general and then to have them on a front porch? Heaven. Take a look here to feel all cozy and summer-y!
I love these bags and fabric buckets found on the Bubbles and Boo shop! Oh, those are so great.
By the way, The Collector took all of the photos of the shirts and then even surprised me with the rubber band pile after they were removed from the dyed shirts. The funny thing is that when she took my camera outside to take some photos I thought to myself, I hope she takes a photo of the rubber band pile. Sure enough she did!

I have some books to share with you and to give away to you. I have to get going on that. That will be the next thing up for sure. I have a copy of Debbie Bliss: design it, knit it babies to review and giveaway. Check back if you are interested in entering on the next blog post.

Have a good start to your week! We are sure loving our summer in this neck of the woods.
best, susie


Sophia said...

Yay! First comment! Wow, TC did a good job on those t-shirts. ;) Especially the blue one.

audrey said...

I love tie dyeing!!! You can soak the shirts in soda ash & water for about 15 mins before dyeing. For large shirts spin them in your washing machine to get the water out. Definitely helps keep vibrancy! rinsing in only cold water helps too.

Unknown said...

love those shirts! we are tye dying at the camp i work at tomorrow! i am going to print out that link to teach all the kids!

Unknown said...

love those shirts! we are tye dying at the camp i work at tomorrow! i am going to print out that link to teach all the kids!

Sara in WI said...

Great shirts and photography, too! More summer fun at the Anderson house!!!

barb :0) said...

I love the shirts !!! I have never tye dyed shirts before .... but sure want to now :0)
Love TC's stepping stone ...
Happy Summer !!!!

vww said...

I love doing Tie dye.... when I went to Zambia, we did some on fabric, to make cheftenge (like sarongs) and they taught us lots of interesting methods.... I put beer bottle tops on the fabric and banded them in place, in clusters and some on their own, and then tied the whole bundle up too and it was fantastic - like retro circles, with stripes....Also, they used red fabric dipped into yellow dye, and ended up with a myriad of colours magically appearing....

christine m. east of toronto said...

oh! Debbie Bliss! I love her... she's possibly the first, real knitwear designer I became aware of and felt drawn to. Even now, with grown boys, I love to pull out her books and flip through some of the delightful baby items...aaaaahhhhhh

Creative Design said...

Love everything Susan B Anderson! Have made many, MANY hats and toys. Even have one of her scarves for sale in my to benefit the Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Omaha. Also, have it shown on my new blog

Louise said...

Hi there. Thanks so much for the plug for my shop! I am so happy that you like the fabric buckets - it is really nice to hear! Thanks again!