Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pea Pod Yarn Winner plus a little something

Hi Knitters,
Checking in quickly this morning to share some Pea Pod Washcloth news. The winner of the yarn giveaway is:

Terri Paulson-Sasaki!!! 

Congratulations and you get to select the colors of 2 skeins of the beautiful, lush Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. The generous Susan Druding, the owner of Crystal Palace Yarns, always deserves a huge thank you for supporting my washcloth project with these fantastic yarn giveaways for you. Thank you.

Up next is a juicy summer-themed washcloth that I can't wait to knit up. It's been in my sketchbook for months now. Yum.

I had to go clothes shopping this week because, truth be told, I don't spend a lot of time or effort on my wardrobe. I know, shocking. I wanted to spruce up a little cardigan I bought to bring to TNNA next week. I know it will be warm in Ohio but sometimes air conditioning can make you feel chilled when inside, right?
This morning I whipped up a sprinkling of tiny crochet flowers using the new Spud & Chloë Fine yarn. It is fingering or sock weight yarn and the color selection drives me crazy it is so good. I made up a quick flower and used a size 1 crochet hook (I had to dig to find that one). The pattern will appear later as a free pattern on the Spud & Chloë blog so you can flower up your plain cardigans, too.

I made a flower for each colorway of Fine. It is so delicious. Just listen to the names of the colors: sassafras, tutu, calypso, anemone, cricket, dachshund, clementine, glow worm and popcorn. If those don't make you smile I don't know what will. I mean, dachshund, cricket, popcorn and tutu? Come on, those are about the best color names in the history of color names. I get a shiver.
My little flowers are currently pinned on my chartreuse cardigan waiting to stitched on with needle and thread. 

I would have brushed my hair and put on lipstick for you and maybe even cleaned the fingerprints off the mirror in the living room but I am in a rush right now. I am running out the door to buy some real-live flowers for my yard.  This is way past due and it is one of my favorite springtime rituals. Can't wait to get going.

Wish for the thunderstorms circling my area to stay at bay so I can plant. Please?

Love you, dear Knitters. I'll be back soon with some fun updates on my upcoming activities at TNNA! I really hope to see some of you there in person, I would love it.
best, susie


Anonymous said...

I love the cardigan. It is so you. I am sure you will get countless compliments on the flowers. Others will want you to make some for them too! Looking forward to the pattern so I can make my own flowers :)

Chris said...

Your infectious excitement over things like those creative color names is one of the reason I read your blog regularly! :)

Those are great color names. My husband works for an automotive supplier, and he occasionally tells me some of the interesting names of their paint colors. The "favorite" - Baby Poop Brown! Seriously! Let's hope there's never a yarn named that!

jill said...

these little flowers would be adorable on a jean jacket too!!!1

have a great time at TNNA -


Diane H K said...

Can you tell us the gauge of the Spud and Chloe Fine?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Fine is a fingering weight yarn with a gauge of 7-8 stitches per inch in stockinette on US sizes 1-3 needles.

You'll love it.

Diane H K said...

Okay, thanks. I'm a Dale Baby Ull fan, and love the fine yarns for knitwear I design for my toddler and other young 'uns, but don't love the Baby Ull colors all the time. I'm looking for a good substitute in better colors that appeal to me. Kind of like how I love Kristin's color palette for her Julia yarn, but Julia doesn't come in fine/sport/fingering. Plus we have sensitivity issues with mohair (Julia has mohair in the blend).

When will the Spud and Chloe color card be made public? And, even more importantly, will Webs carry Spud and Chloe? I'm one of those lucky knitters who lives within driving distance of Mecca, I mean, Webs. :D

Susan B. Anderson said...

Look here for the color kit for Spud and Chloe:

I am doing a post next week on it. I am sure that Webs will be carrying Spud & Chloe because they are great supporters of Blue Sky Alpacas.

You are lucky to live so close.

twistedinstitches said...

Suppliers for Spud & Chloë will be listed on the website! Check back because they will continue to be added as stores sign up to supply!

Now, where can I get me some of those CUTE flowers????

Can't wait to meet ya Susan! I'm getting too excited as the big week approaches! YAY!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I am the winner, thanks so much. I never win anything. Really excited. I love those little flowers - can't wait to get a hold of the pattern. I have the perfect sweater to add them to. Thank you.

peaknits said...

I just love those sweet little flowers - I better start finding the right cardi!:)

Teresa Burtner said...

I love the flowers, just subscribed the the spuds and Chloe site. Hope the pattern is posted soon. I want to make some for me to wear! I love your blog and read it everyday.

Teresa Burtner said...

I love the flowers and hope the pattern is posted soon! I want to make some for me to wear.