Monday, July 06, 2009


Hi Knitters,
Thirteen is my lucky number this year. My daughter turned thirteen. She is my sweetest, juiciest peach on earth. Peachy. Every year my dear sister hosts a birthday bash for Peachy at her fantastically old lake house. Since Peachy was very little she has held a great adoration for my sister. Peachy is a shy, quiet girl. She always wanted to quietly stand by my sister and soak in her every move and word. She would want me to tell her things she was too shy to say herself but wanted my sister to know. My sister is a loving aunt and she has always understood Peachy. It is only appropriate for her to host her birthday party every year.

Well, the day was picture perfect. I did some of the above. I swear I saw a dinosaur in those fluffy clouds.
The day ended with a view to remember. Gorgeous.
And in between Peachy opened gifts. She may be thirteen but she is still sporting skinned knees like a little kid. Love that.
She played with cousins galore. Aren't those awesome steps to the lake? My sister got a new shed that you can see at the top of the steps, it's not quite done. It may not seem like a big deal but living on a lake without a garage and four kids, a shed becomes a big deal.
Our little cousin fished while wearing his super-cool Star Wars swimsuit. Heaven.
Bathing beauties had silly fun by the shore.
Peachy and her best buddy lounged lakeside.
Swimming at dusk was magical.
Boys, boys, boys.

Peachy is delicious and I am proud of the teenager she has become.Have a good Monday, Knitters. I am in recovery mode from a hectic holiday weekend as I am sure many of you are as well. You would not believe the state of my house: total, gross, wreck.
best, susie
p.s. I am making a button-fillled mosaic pot for a special someone. I was going to add some other little items on the pot but the buttons overwhelmed me with joy so I am sticking to it, pure and simple. Grout is coming later today. I will share my finished button pot when I am done. Do you remember the mosaic fruit I made ages ago?


peaknits said...

Happy Birthday - 13 - wow! That is a big deal! What a sweet relationship with her auntie - I hope to have that one day with a niece or nephew:)

kristin said...

I see the dinosaur! Also, happy Birthday to Peachy, and will you please tell us about those delish sandals in the first pic? I bet a meeeeellion dollars I won't be the only one to ask.

Rachel said...

Cheers! To new teens, dinosaur clouds and buttons~

:CLINK CLINK: of the coffee mugs!

Susan B. Anderson said...

Those are my all-time favorite sandals. Chaco brand from last year. Bought at a local shoe store. I have no idea if you can still get them but if you can, run quick and get a pair. You won't regret it.

BeyondStitches said...

Happy Birthday to Peachy! It seems that you all had an awesome time!

Julia said...

Happy birthday to Peachy! What a fun, relaxing way to spend a birthday!!

And I totally love you for calling your house a gross wreck--makes me feel better about my own gross wreck every Monday morning! I guess that's the downside to weekends!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Thanks for sharing Peachy's fantastic birthday celebration with all of us -

Our family also spent the holiday at the lake - and, our house is also a gross disgusting filthy mess (so is the car!). Maybe tomorrow will be my day to finally clean it all up.

The Curious Cat said...

Gorgeous photos - thirteen is our lucky number too! xxx