Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh, Bunny! Washcloth Pattern

Hi Knitters,
One more quick washcloth knit is here. I love bunnies at Easter time but they are good any time of year as well.
Here are the skills you need to knit this bunny:
cast on
bind off
pick up stitches

level: easy if you know the skills above!

crochet edging (optional):
single crochet
slip stitch

Finished measurements:
Body: 7.5 by 7 inches
Paw to top ear: 10 inches

Yarn: 1 skein Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, 98 yards
Any worsted weight cotton will work fine!

Needles: US size 6 for the chenille
Size H crochet hook (optional)
I've only had time to knit a white bunny but I think a pink or blue or pistachio bunny would be super cute. The tail is a pom-pom out of Sugar-n-Cream because I don't think the chenille works well for pom-poms due to shredding. The tail is optional, of course, but I love it so I added it on. You choose.
Some other Easter-y knits include: 
Sweetheart Washcloth (try these in pastel egg colors)
Bunny and Chick easy knit toys

Soaps available at The Stone Fence in Madison (eggs and bunny), they don't have a website. The bunny soap is Tag brand, which can be found in lots of gift stores. The Soap Opera has many glycerin holiday soaps including an Easter Egg soap. 

If you are interested in purchasing the Oh, Bunny! washcloth pattern please click on the "Buy Now" button below. The price is $3.50 and I will email you the pattern via email with an attached pdf. Please allow a little time for me to send the pattern to you.

Thanks bunny lovers and have fun.
best, susie


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Maybe you said this and I missed it, but is the pattern written by rows and not inches? Could I use a chunkier yarn/bigger needles to make a blankie instead of a washcloth? Thanks!

Susan B. Anderson said...

I suppose it could be adapted. It is written in rows and inches, kind of a combination.
Good luck, it would make a cute blankie!

kyouell said...

I just started looking around thanks to a tweet by @craft and am wondering if there is any problem if I sell what I make from your patterns?

Susan B. Anderson said...

I always say no when people ask if they can sell the knitted items from my patterns. For many reasons this is not okay. Any type of charity knitting is okay. When you buy a pattern from me the copyright information is written out at the end of the pattern.

Thanks for asking, I appreciate that.

Good luck.

jacjewelry said...

These are so precious! I knit, but nothing this fancy... do you by any chance sell the finished bunnies? I LOVE the tail. How adorable!

kyouell said...

Thanks for answering, and I totally understand.

I actually have 2 projects in my head, one of which is a charity thing, so maybe this will work for that -- if it ever gets off the ground. So I'm glad you made that part clear.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Paid but still waiting on pattern...

Susan B. Anderson said...

Anonymous ~ The pattern is delivered automatically through Ravelry. Right after purchase an option immediately pops up for you to download the pattern. The pattern is automatically placed in your Ravelry library and an email is sent with a link to download the pattern.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I don't send the patterns personally it is all done through the Ravelry pattern shop system.

Please let me know if you have the pattern in your Ravelry library. I'll need your username if the pattern isn't there so I can send you the pattern.