Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bunny and Chick Pattern

Hi Knitters,
I am so excited to offer these Easter Friends as a pattern for you. They are just perfect for an Easter basket or to stick in a pocket. The Bunny and Chick are fun knitted toys for any time of the year but especially for the spring season. 

I have to tell you that my intention for this pattern is to get people started knitting simple toys. These two stuffed toys are made in the simplest form possible. They are both made from garter stitch squares, the most basic beginner starting point. You have to sew a seam or an ear, but garter stitch in incredibly forgiving to seam, so don't worry about it. The Bunny and Chick couldn't be easier to knit but they look sweet and not beginner-ish in the end. I love that.

In the pattern I refer to the number of ridges on the knit fabric. When you are working in garter stitch, where you knit every row, a ridge forms on the fabric. Each ridge is equal to two knit rows. 
Here is some information you may want to know:
finished measurements: 4 inches tall (not including bunny ears)
yarn used for Chick: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, 1 skein each in Yellow #3646 and Mango #2230
yarn used for Bunny: Lily Sugar-n-Cream, 1 skein each in White #18001 and Rose Pink #18046
*Note: Any worsted weight yarn will work fine for both toys.
needles: US size 6 or size to obtain gauge
gauge: 4 stitches per inch in the cotton chenille, 5.5 stitches per inch in the Sugar-n-Cream  
skill level: Easy, Easy, Easiest! Beginner friendly!
skills needed:
cast on
knit stitch
knit 2 stitches together
bind off
whipstitch for seams
I love that in the Yellow Cotton Chenille the seam disappears on the back. I stuffed them with polyester fiberfill, you only need a couple of handfuls.
I hope you enjoy these two lovable little friends.

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for the Bunny and Chick, both toys are included in this one pattern, then click on the "Buy Now" button below. The pattern is $4.00 and I will email it to you in pdf form. Please allow a little time for me to email the pattern to you.

Have fun, Knitters, a little Easter/Springtime love is just around the corner. Up next, Easter Egg Washcloths!
best, susie


Jimberlys said...

Thanks for Bunny and Chick.... I am ready to go!

jill said...

Can hardly wait to get started - am going to take this for car knitting on the way to Florida!!! Keep up the creativity!!! Jill (aka Mary)

Katie B said...

Thanks, Susan! I can't wait!

Katie B said...

Thanks, Susan! I'm so excited to make these little guys.

Larraine said...

Too darned cute and I bet habit forming! Do I see an Easter egg washcloth in there??
Thanks :)

Sarah said...

Susan, I laughed when I read your comment! It seems less impactful to tp in your state during a blizzard! Did they used dyed toilet paper? (Or maybe yarn, in your case!) Being tp'd brings back fond, fond memories of growing up in a small town--but I never got treats for doing it! I'm impressed!

Double numbers, being tp'd--what's next for us?? ;)

jill said...

Thank you for emailing the pattern - one didn't come yesterday - it could show up anytime (got an email sent 12/8 on 2/18) - jill

Kathy said...

Hi Susan! I can't believe the chickens are yours! Well, I can, I just can't believe I missed that on your blog! The chickens are getting more response than anything we've ever done as a KAL! I kitchener'd and stuffed mine today. We'll be posting pics starting next week.

I just followed you on Twitter as well!


Katie B said...

Hi, Susan,

I sent money via paypal last Sunday. Did it come through? (From e-mail address chiadog2000 [at]


Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Katie,
I've now sent the Bunny and chick pattern three times to the email address you listed on the purchase and the comment.

I don't know why you haven't received the pattern yet, hopefully this time it will turn up.

Katie B said...

I got it this time! Sorry about that.