Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweetheart Washcloth Pattern

Hi Knitters,
The pattern is here for the Sweetheart Washcloth! It is so cute and just in time for Valentine's Day or any day, for that matter. This fast and simple little project is the perfect handmade gift for anyone on your gift list, teachers, moms, grandmas, babies, children, etc. You get the idea, anyone would love this squishy, soft treat. Imagine bathing a baby or child using this sweet little washcloth. Love it.

Here is the information:
Finished measurements: 10-inches wide, 9-inches tall
Yarn: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille (98 yards/50 grams)
2 skeins of contrasting colors will make 2 washcloths or 1 skein will make one washcloth in one shade.
*Any cotton yarn with a similar gauge will work fine for this project.
Needles: U.S. size 6 needles or size to obtain gauge
Crochet hook (optional, for edging only): size H
The washcloth looks cute without the edging, so no worries if you're not up to the crochet.
Gauge: 4 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch
Difficulty Level: Easy, Easy, Easy! You will use the knit stitch, knit 2 together, and ssk (slip, slip, knit 2 together through the back loop). For the crochet trim you will use a chain stitch, slip stitch, and single crochet. 

This is an easy and fast project! You will love these washcloths. I am making up a big stack in all different colors to have on hand when I need a quick gift.
The fantastic soaps can be ordered from The Soap Opera. The Soap Opera, right on State Street, is a long time Madison staple. It is a fun, beautiful little shop in downtown Madison. The soaps are cut from big blocks as you order and you wouldn't believe how good they smell. The fragrance is so fresh and clean, just right. The soap is a fun touch to add to the washcloth if it is a gift but of course it's not necessary. The washcloth alone is a great gift by itself. 
Here is how I am giving the Sweetheart Washcloth to my favorite sweethearts. I am placing the Valentine bar of soap in the center.
Next, I fold in the heart to the center to bundle up the bar of soap.
Lastly, I tied a ribbon around the whole thing to keep it folded up. What a sweet little package. Can you imagine getting this gift? I would love it. I don't know where I got that ribbon, I have had it a long time. It is silk and textured but that is all I know about it. Any type of ribbon would look just as good: )

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern click on the button below. The pattern is $3.50. As soon as I get notice of your payment from Paypal or the e-check clears (can take up to 5 days) I will send you the pattern via email in a printable pdf file. Sometimes there is a slight delay so don't worry, it will arrive in your email. 

best, susie
p.s. Next up I will be doing a video tutorial for the drop stitch technique in the Taiyo Reversible Scarf. I will have the tutorial available in a few days. Go ahead and start your scarf, you don't need to do the drop stitch until the very end. I wanted to get the Sweetheart Washcloth up first so people could get a jump start on their Valentine knitting. I've heard from a lot of knitters who already have their cotton chenille and are waiting to get knitting!


Anonymous said...

you make my days brighter with all your knitterly goodness... and these darling washcloths certainly top my list today. i ordered the yarn the other day after the sneak peek... and just can't wait to cast on!!! i took a mitten class from you (along with my mom and a friend) during the alphabet soup days and you really are one of the people who pushed my love of knitting along. so thank you for that... it's been a gift that keeps on giving. i don't comment often, but love your blog and love following your knitterly adventures.
very best wishes for the most beautiful things 2009 has to offer, jessica

Susan B. Anderson said...

Thank you: )
Your comment brightens my day.

I think that's where I collected all of the cotton chenille from, Alphabet Soup. I miss teaching, that was fun.

Take care,

Betz White said...

Good going! (I've got to get a Valentine PDF going in my shop ASAP!) These are super cute and just the perfect gift.

Katie said...

Hey Susan, a few quick things. A lady came in to Loop the other day and bought 2 skeins of Taiyo. I asked and sure enough they were for your scarf. Also, I think your silk ribbon is silk dupioni. It is one of my favorite fabrics. And last, your blog is so nicely organized. Do you have any tips? I just started my blogspot before Peru and I really like how yours is looking better. Thanks

Anonymous said...

These are really lovely!

Irene said...

fantastic, but is it so easy ?

Anonymous said...

My six grandkids would LOVE to snuggle a chicken for Easter. After all, I can't get them to EAT chicken, so they might as well love one!
Carol Ann

knittinggranny54 said...

beautiful work
grandma steph