Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blue Christmas

Hi Knitters,
We are getting snow around here, at least several inches today. The Collector was running over to our neighbor's house to help her friend shovel the driveway. I was watching her run around the corner from the front step and suddenly she dropped straight down in the front yard for a quick snow angel. I happened to have my camera handy so I snapped a shot. It was dusk and I couldn't believe the blue wash of the setting sun.
She's wearing my coat because the zipper in her coat broke. Darn zippers.
I'll be back soon with some fun links to share.
best, susie


Unknown said...

great photo!!
She looks adorable in her hat.

annemarie said...

How cute - and the hat looks adorable on her!

Robin said...

Great picture!

My son's zipper broke last month. I took it to a tailor on Mineral Point in the same shop as Stitchers Crossing who replaced the zipper for $20. She did a fantastic job - you can't tell it is a replacement.

Hilary said...

How sweet is that?!

Seona said...

Lucky you with the snow! She looks gorgeous in her hat, she's like you eh?

Jessica said...

Hey there...

Is there any video anywhere explaining how to pick up stitches at the end of your work after casting off to add the picot edge...?

I watched your video tutorial about the picot edging, but it doesn't explain how to pick up the stitches.

I want to add a picot edge at both ends of a scarf that I have knitted and I don't know how to pick up the stitches to knit the picot edge.

I hope this makes sense...any help would be great! Thanks.


Susan B. Anderson said...

I don't know of a video tutorial but let me recommend Itty-Bitty Nursery's thorough explanation and illustrations on how to pick up and knit stitches along an edge.

Good luck,