Sunday, August 31, 2008

Acorns a la Betz

Hi Knitters,
Well, I have noticed that the acorns are falling around my neighborhood. I love that crunch under my feet when I am out for a walk or run. What is it about acorns that people love so much? I think acorns are wonderful.

I pulled these out from last fall. That Betz is genius. I truly love this clever, easy fall project. She inspires me.
I decided today to make a knitted version entitled, Acorns a la Betz. The felted balls are from here, order the 2cm size if you are making acorns like these. The acorns I made are from the Fall colorway.
I'm going to make plenty more. Last fall I put a few acorns together and gave them to teachers. They loved their felty acorns.

Here is the pattern for you:

Acorns a la Betz
US size 3 dpns, set of 4
Small amount of dk weight tweed yarn or brown yarn (I used O-Wool Balance)
Matching thread and sewing needle
Yarn needle
Stitch marker
2cm felted balls (from here)

Cast on 15 stitches (5 stitches on each of 3 needles).
Join to work in the round being careful not to twist, place a marker.
Work 4 rounds in seed stitch.
Decrease rounds:
rnd 1: (k2tog) 2 times, knit 1 on each needle (3 stitches per needle and 9 stitches remain)
rnd 2: knit
rnd 3: k2tog, knit 1, pass the first stitch over and off the right needle (1 stitch per needle and 3 stitches remain)

Place the 3 remaining stitches on 1 dpn. Now use 2 dpns to make an I-cord.
Next row: k2tog, k1 (2 stitches remain)
Work 2 more rows in I-cord. Then k2tog (1 stitch remains), cut the yarn and pull through the remaining stitch. Weave in the ends to the inside.
Place the knitted acorn top on the felted ball and sew with a needle and thread to attach.

That's it! Hope you enjoy.
I'm off to movie night at the pool to watch Enchanted with the kids.
Happy Holiday.
best, susie


Betz White said...

you are too sweet! And so are those itty bitty hats for acorns! :) You know, I just saw some felty acorns popping up around the craft blogs today and I thouht, is it fall already? It never gets here fast enough for favorite season.

Suzanne said...

Those are too cute! Will give them a go.

Unknown said...

they are far too cute! I can just picture my kids hurling them at each other and finding them between the couch cushions :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pattern! These are so cute. I was just trying to find something fun and fallish to do with my day tomorrow, all four kids in school for the first time ever! These might just be top on the list, after a trip to the yarn store.-Amy

Dianne MacDonald said...

All things Fall-ish are my favorites. Love the little knitted caps on the acorns-so clever. (91 degrees here today--wishing fall would arrive soon.)

Annie said...

Love Kevin Henkes too. You are lucky he lives in the same town as you! I love reading Wemberly Worried this time of year to the younger kids. The fairy book looks intriguing! Happy back-to-school :)

Hilary said...

Do you think if I make some autumn will arrive sooner?? :-) 92 degrees in Michigan today but it's supposed to only hit 68 by Thursday. Perfect knitting weather.

Heather L. said...

O thank you thank you!!! I saw Betz' acorns last fall and thought they were the greatest! I've been wanting to make some and I think if I get a chance I'll try this knitted version!

Tracy Batchelder said...

Cute and clever!

LizKnits said...

Very cute... thanks for sharing the photos and pattern!

Maryjane said...

Very cute! I think those balls would be adorable to string into a fun necklace for a little girl as well. I may just have to order some!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I may have to try these but maybe I'll involve my girls and have them hand felt some balls.

Adri said...

Wow they are fab! Thanks for the pattern!