Friday, July 25, 2008


Hi Knitters,
This post is scattered in topics so hang with me. I took some shots in my studio this morning because that is where I have been spending the majority of my time these past few weeks. These are the walls and things I look at while I am working. It isn't boring to say the least.

I have much to share today so I am going to dive right in. I realized that after I received several questions about the link to the Anne scarf that the reason some people may be having difficulty getting to the pattern is because it was linked through ravelry. Here is the designer's blog and here is another link to the pattern. I hope that makes it easier. Thanks to the kind knitters who responded with the links. Love that.

Knitty sent out an email this morning with a few surprise patterns. I think this pattern is beautiful and if I had time I would make that right now. I think it is light-weight, flattering and versatile. Well done.

I have so many thoughts running through my head lately and I have much I want to accomplish. Most of my thoughts center around things I want to make. I am having a huge urge to do some mosaic work. I am missing doing that as it has been awhile. I also want to do some sewing. My sister brought over a machine for me that she had at her house and it is all set up in my studio ready to go. Unfortunately my work load has been so much that I haven't had the chance to figure it out and put it to use. I will soon. The other thing is that I have several old sweaters that I felted and I am dying to make something out of them and then needle felt designs all over. I am thinking pin cushions or small bags, little things. More to come and I hope soon.
I have been listening to a few things. I downloaded the Mama Mia! soundtrack and it is so good. Meryl Streep can really belt it out. I recommend it especially for all of you sloggers out there. This music will put a bounce in your step. I can't wait to see the movie. I also love that Amanda Seyfried, who is in Mama Mia!, but who I first saw in Big Love. She has a great voice, too. Big Love is an HBO series that I have rented and it is a fun watch, great to knit by. I think there are two seasons out right now. It is a little risque at times but the story line is wonderful and twisty.
See those hats on the stands? Remember a long time ago I shared my old ski hat from the 70's when I was talking about my love of rainbows? I made a modern day replica and it turned great. This winter hat is a winner by my standards. I knitted it in Manos wool and I will make the pattern available as soon as I get to it. It has been finished for forever and a day.

I have listened to several audiobooks while working away the hours. I always buy and download through itunes but I linked here through amazon. Here are a few recommendations if you are interested:

The Devil Wears Prada-one of my favorite movies and the audiobook reader is the best voice I have ever heard on an audiobook. The book is quite different than the movie. I like them both.

Julie and Julia-I have always loved Julia Child and her persona. The author, Julie Powell, reads the audiobook and is good. She is a blogger who has made it big. There is a little too much cursing for my taste but I still loved it.

Remember Me?-funny, light book, very English, the reader is excellent. I listened to this mainly while out walking or running. It wasn't hard to follow. Quite a bit of cursing again in here. Why do they always have to do it? I don't get it.

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim-so funny it makes you ache. David Sedaris, the author and reader has the best voice ever. No one else could read for his audiobooks. His dry sarcasm is hard to get over. He takes his life experiences and replays them in a funny but sometimes sad way. Too good for words. I listened to this on the planes while I was on tour and I would have to try to not laugh out loud. Not as much cursing in here if I remember correctly. Love that.
The other good thing happening right now is that Project Runway 5 just started airing on Bravo. I can't get enough of this show, the making, the sewing, the pressure, the designs, the critiques, the crazy people, Tim Gunn. You know who is the funniest of all? Michael Kors. His one liners are easy to miss but he is beyond witty. I love his references to old tv shows. I love it all and you should watch it if you can, you'll be hooked. The seasons are also out on dvd.

I haven't heard anything from the Itty-Bitty Nursery trunk show shops so I assume it is going well. Otherwise I am sure I would hear something.

The Itty-Bitty Nursery trunk show tour has moved on to:

Knit One

Stacey Wettstein

2721 Murray Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Arrive: July 24

Depart: August 5

Here is their site. I visited the site for a bit this morning and boy, do they sound like a fun group. I even watched their video clip on youtube on their Maryland Sheep and Wool festival trip, very sweet. Pop on over for a visit to the shop if you are in the area.

I have two quick patterns that I just found and love here and here. I have to get these and make them.

Last but not least, when I plug in my camera I never know what I might find. My daughter won this enormous frog at some pizza place by earning tickets with her friends. The frog is supposed to travel to the friends' homes but somehow we have been stuck with it.

Well, my 14-year-old son and his friend have found a new best friend it seems. They are sweet to keep the frog company with....
...wagon rides...
(I love the look on his face, my son's face not the frog. Look, he's wearing his socks outside without shoes and then I wonder why the socks are always ruined. Evidence.)
...grilling out...
...and a little computer time. What does the frog do on the computer?
He looks at frogs. Too much.

Do you have teenagers? They are so funny, I love it.
Off into the weekend we go, Knitters.
best, susie


yarn girl said...

Susan, a fellow lover of David Sedaris if you have never listened to The Santa Land Diaries, you MUST. ROTFL, seriously. My sides ache and I've listened to it so many times. Don't read it, you can download the audio from This American Life. Love your frog pix!!!!

Alice Regan said...

Sounds like you been very busy the shots of the studio. Audio that's something I haven't thought of. I usually have my itunes on while I'm in my studio. Maybe I'll give the audiobooks a try.

I love the froggy and thanks for the link to the yarn shop looks devine. Have a great weekend!

Valerie said...

Yes! Go see Mama Mia! I went with my mom and my 12 year old daughter, what a fun evening. I can see my daughter posing things and taking pictures just like your son - funny! Thanks for the fun post.

peaknits said...

Is that mirrow from your shop?? It looks so familiar! And David Sedaris - omg, I listened to Naked on a long car ride - his narrative is so funny! imagine family dinner! What a fun son!
p.s. I took off this afternoon to have the house to myself to watch Project Runway! well, and do laundry...:)

Dianne MacDonald said...

We are big fans of David Sedaris-have all his books, but, you're right, hearing him is sooo much better! He cracks me up.We are completely hooked on Big Love and can't wait for the next season.
The frog looking at the frog made me laugh out loud. Your kids are creative and funny--good combination!
I suffer from the same urge to start a new project every day.Wish I didn't need to sleep, so I could use that time to knit!

Unknown said...

You have to go see Mama Mia! now!!!! It's so good. It's completely silly and over the top but adorable. Amanda is PERFECT in her role. I just wish Pierce could sing. But he's charming anyway.

Unknown said...

there are some darling pin cushions made out of felted sweaters in the book by Larissa Brown, I believe you referenced it before.

I heart DAvid Sedaris, Project Runway, mamma mia, etc. I knew we'd be good friends:)

Annie said...

I hear ya on all the things to do that are floating in the brain right now. Love the glimpse of your yarn stash. i've been on the lookout for those vegetable bins or chicken coop bins that you have. You probably got those from your previous store??
Happy Friday :)

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Annie,
The wooden vegetable bins in my studio are from the Sundance catalog and I think they still carry them. They come in red and white and they are sanded to look worn. They have been a great investment, I have had them for years now.
You should get some:)

leslie said...

I am going to double comment on David Sedaris and his Santa Land Diaries... you MUST listen to this! I have it and listen to it once in a while and it makes me laugh so hard every time... never gets old!!! If you do listen to it you must hear my favorite part... "Little Elf... Little Elf"... and you'll know when you hear that! Let us know if you do end up listening this this one!

Anonymous said...

Your studio looks very inspiring! I would love to know where you found that basket tower you have yarn stored in, I have been looking for one for a while now. After reading in the comments about audio books and David Sedaris (whom I have never read) I guess I will have to get the Santa Land Diaries and give it a listen.
Looking forward to your next book.

Susan B. Anderson said...

That basket tower is made by Lantern Moon. I am sure you can buy one somewhere.

The Santa Land Diaries will be my next listen, too.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Audio books are the best - some of favorites are the Harry Potter books - all read by Jim Dale, who does a fantastic job with all the voices. Can't wait for the new Sedaris audio book - When You Are Engulfed in Flames - heard him read from it last fall and no one could possibly read his work except for him!
Nice to see the pics of your son - good to know boys don't lose that goofy playful side as they get older (I've got two little boys of my own - almost 5 and almost 2 - and I find myself hoping they can stay sweet and silly forever).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the froggy laugh! you'll love mamma mia-it's fun and sassy and the scenery will steal your breath away!!

Judi A. said...

It is so great to see the fun and creative actions of a teenager and then to have a parent express love and appreciation for them! When our son was a teenager, our house was always full of his friends and one day he expressed that they love to be at our house because so many of their parents did not like them, even their own. I thought that was so sad, because they were good guys and so much fun. You and your husband certainly are special parents, as comes through in your blog and your obvious love of your children. Thank you for sharing them with us. I also want to thank you for mentioning and picturing the "Quadrilla." I instantly thought of my 7 year old grandson, as he has a very inquisitive and active mind, and did an extensive search in our area to purchase one for an upcoming week-end visit. It has been a great hit, and he (and I!) have spent hours making the given instructions and then creating our own. What a fabulous toy! We already are considering ordering some of the extra pieces. I loved your "scattered thoughts" and thank you for sharing them!

Tracy Batchelder said...

The frog pictures are funny!

Francie said...

I love listening to audio books too. I can download books for free from R.E.A.D.S through my local library's website. I listened to The Devil Wears Prada recently too. Also loved all of the Harry Potter books read by Jim Dale. I recently finished and just loved the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and would highly recommend it.

I also love my new Sew Bendy knitting bag that I ordered after reading your recent post. Thanks so much for all of the great links that you include.


Oiyi said...

The frog photos are hilarious. Your kids are very creative.